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Please find frequently asked questions to the application process here. The FAQs usually refer to both programs, unless otherwise stated.


When do the Masters Programs start?

The two-year MA "Dependency and Slavery Studies" is starting every winter term. The next start date is October 1, 2020.

The one-year Master will be offered from the winter semester 2021/2022.

How to apply for the Master's Program?

Please submit your application via the University of Bonn Online Application Portal for Graduate Programs. You will first be asked to complete an Online Interview to make sure you fulfil the formal M.A. requirements. Afterwards you have to create a new account and proceed to the Online Application Form providing information about your personal details and formation. Finally you will be asked to upload proving certificates.

It is required to submit your application via the online portal of the University AND in paper by mail.

Which documents do I need for the application?

  • Online Application form of the University of Bonn
  • Proof of C1 proficiency English
  • Your B.A: Degree
  • Your High School Degree 

What are the admission requirements for the Master's Program?

  • Minimum grade for the first higher education degree qualifying for employment: 2.5
  • C1 proficiency English
  • Source language proficiency (recommended)
  • 3-year B.A. or equivalent degree acquired in Germany or abroad in Archaeologies, Asian or Islamic Art History, Comparative Religious Studies, Egyptology, English Studies, German Studies, History, History of the Islamic World, History of Law, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, Latin American Studies, Slavic Studies, Social Sciences, South East Asian Studies, Theologies, Tibetan Studies, or similar disciplines

What are the language requirements for the Master's Program?

For the M.A. "Dependency and Slavery Studies" you need a C1 proficiency in English (documented by e.g. a B.A. program taught entirely in English, minimum scores of TOEFL iBT 94/IELTS 7.0). As the whole program is taught in English, there are no German language proficiency requirements. It is recommended to have language proficiency in a source language.

What are the visa requirements for studying in Germany?

For visa requirements please check the web page of your embassy or the German foreign ministry.

How much do I have to pay for living expenses and university fees?

  • Living expenses (rent, food, clothes, books…) about 800–850 Euro per month 
    Source: Deutsches Studierendenwerk
  • Semester fee about 300 Euro per semester (a ticket for public transport included)

Please keep in mind that Non-EU citizens have to proof their financial stability for the first year of study for their visa application.

Are there any scholarships available for the Master's Program?

Can I work part-time while studying in Germany?

Yes, generally speaking students in Germany are allowed to pursue part-time jobs while studying. Please check the University’s website for specific information and regulations for international students.

What are the accommodation possibilities in Bonn?

For a general guideline for student accommodation possibilities in Germany please check this website.

There are several dormitory with rooms available for students of the University of Bonn. Please check the website of the Studierendenwerk Bonn.

If you are looking for private accommodation and shared flats you can check this website.

What kind of campus activities offers the University of Bonn?

The University of Bonn offers a broad range of campus activities and events. For current information please check the University's web page.

Who can I ask for help and which are useful websites?

For specific questions concerning the M.A. "Dependency and Slavery Studies" please contact Sarah Dusend, Head of Research and Study, via email: ma-program[at]dependency.uni-bonn.de

For general questions concerning studying in Germany you can refer to the following websites:



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