Prof. Dr. Frank Perlin

Guest Researcher

Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies
Niebuhrstraße 5
D-53113 Bonn

Academic Profile

Frank Perlin's research looks at the entanglements of social, political and economic history, monetary history and the commodification in Early Modern South Asia (India).

Lecturer Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

PhD, Leiden University, The Netherlands

MA, School of Oriental and African Studies, London, United Kingdom

Professor of Southeast Asian Studies, Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies, University of Bonn, Germany

Professor for Cultural Anthropology and Director of Institute, University of Trier, Germany

Research Associate, Institute of Cultural Anthropology, University of Cologne, Germany; two years as Managing Assistant

  • City Intelligible: A Philosophical and Historical Anthropology of Global Commoditisation Before Industrialisation. Brill (Series: Studies in Global Social History, 1874–6705. Volume 38), 2020.
  • Unbroken Landscape: Commodity, Category, Sign and Iidentity: Their Production as Myth and Knowledge from 1500. Aldershot [etc.]: Variorum (Collected Studies Series CS447), XIV, 1994. 357 p.
  • The Invisible City: Monetary, Administrative and Popular Infrastructures in Asia and Europe, 1500–1900. Aldershot [etc.]: Variorum (Collected Studies series CS387), XII, 1983. 366 p.
  • The Problem of the Eighteenth Century. In The Eighteenth Century in Indian History: Evolution or Revolution? edited by P.J. Marshall. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2003, 53–61.
  • Disarticulation of the World: Writing India's Economic History. In Comparative Studies in Society and History 30(2), 1988, 379–387.
  • Money-use in Late Pre-colonial India and the International Trade in Currency Media. In The Imperial Monetary System of Mughal India, edited by John F. Richards. Delhi. Oxford UP, 1987, 232–373.
  • State Formation Reconsidered: Part Two. In Modern Asian Studies 19(3). (Special Issue: Papers Presented at the Conference on Indian Economic and Social History, Cambridge University, April 1984). 1985, 415–480.
  • Concepts of Order and Comparison, With a Diversion on Counter Ideologies and Corporate Institutions in Late Pre‐colonial India. In Journal of Peasant Studies 12(2–3), 1985, 87–165.
  • Growth of Money Economy and Some Questions of Transition in Late Pre-colonial India. In Journal of Peasant Studies 11(3), 1984, 96.
  • Protoindustrialization and Pre-colonial South Asia. In: Past and Present 98(1), 1978, 30–95.
    Of White Whale and Countrymen in the Eighteenth-century Maratha Deccan: Extended Class Relations, Rights and the Problem of Rural Autonomy Under the Old Regime. In Journal of Peasant Studies 5(2), 1978, 172.
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