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Prof. Dr. Martin Bentz

Principal Investigator

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn 

Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, Department for Classical Archaelogy 

Am Hofgarten 21 

53113 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 73-7735

E-Mail: m.bentz[at]




Current Position: 

Deputy Director of the Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology, Spokesperson of the DFG Graduate School 1878


1980-1986      M.A Studies, Classical Archaeology, Prehistory and Ancient History, University of Cologne,
                       Università degli Studi Florence, University of Göttingen
1986-1989      Doctoral studies, Classical Archaeology, University of Göttingen
1997               Habilitation and Venia legendi in Classical Archaeology

Academic Positions

1990-1991      Research Associate, Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities (Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum)
1991-1999      Research Associate, Chair of Classical Archaeology, University of Regensburg
1999-2004      Managing Editor of the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities
2004-present   Professor of Classical Archaeology, UoB
2011/12          ‘Chaire internationale en archéologie grecque Eleni Hatzivassiliou‘ at the Université Libre de Bruxelles


2011: Professor, University of Würzburg

Participation in Academic Centers and Consortium Projects: 

Member of the “Center for the Classical Tradition” (CCT) (since 2006); Spokesperson for the DFG Research Training Group 1878 “Archeology of Pre-Modern Economies” (since 2013); Member of the DFG Expert Commission 101 (Ancient Cultures) (since 2016)

Additional Academic Activities: 

Head of archaeological excavations in Marzabotto (2002-2007) and in Selinunte (2010-2016); President of the German Archaeologists’ Association (DArV) 2008-2012; Curator and member of the scientific advisory board of numerous exhibitions and projects; organizer of many international conferences; member of various advisory boards of international journals; Co-editor of “Kölner und Bonner Archaeologika” (KuBA), “Studien zur Wirtschaftsarchäologie”, “Beiträge zur Wirtschaftsarchäologie”, “Gnomon”; Expert for national and international research organizations, institutions and foundations. 


MB studies different forms of dependency in the Greek and pre-Roman world of the first millenium BC, beginning with the material evidence – archaeological data and ancient images – and contextualizing them with literary sources. Particular attention is given to the different actors in economic processes: slaves, metics (foreigners with limited rights) and free citizens, collaborating in different and changing types of relationships and working as slaves, day laborers, tenants or independent entrepreneurs.
3 monographs, 16 edited volumes, 52 articles and 12 reviews. Numerous national and international lectures and presentations, 8 completed and 14 ongoing doctorates, 39 Magister and MA and 9 BA theses as supervisor/first reviewer

Third-Party Funding: 

Fritz Thyssen Foundation (four individual projects, since 2004), DFG (Graduate Program and 2 individual projects since 2010), Mercator Foundation (collaborative project 2010-2015), EU (collaborative project 2012-2014), DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) (collaborative project 2015-2016).

Selected Publications:

  1. With F. Rumscheid, Griechische Vasen aus Unteritalien [Greek Vases from Southern Italy]. Göttingen 1987.
  2. Etruskische Votivbronzen des Hellenismus [Etruscan Votive Bronzes of Hellenistic Time]. Florence 1992.
  3. Panathenäische Preisamphoren. Eine athenische Vasengattung und ihre Funktion vom 6.-4. Jhs. v. Chr. [Panathenaic Price-Amphoraes. An Athenian Type of Vase and its Function from 6th-4th BC]. Basel 1998.
  4. With C. Dehl-von Kaenel, Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Göttingen 2, Munich 2001.
  5. With C. Reusser, Marzabotto. Planstadt der Etrusker [Marzabotto.The Etruscan‘s Planned City]. Mainz 2008.
  6. M. Bentz (Hg.), Vasenforschung und Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Standortbestimmung und Perspektiven [Vase Research and Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Positions and Perspectives]. Munich 2002.
  7. (ed.), Rasna. Die Etrusker [Rasna – The Etruscans]. Petersberg 2008.
  8. With C. Reusser (eds.), Etruskisch-italische und römisch-republikanische Häuser [Etruscan-Italian and Roman-Republican Houses]. Wiesbaden 2010.
  9. Spiel um Leben und Tod? Gewalt und Athletik in klassischer Zeit [A Play about Life and Death? Violence and Athletics in Classic Times], in: G. Fischer and S. Moraw (eds.), Die andere Seite der Klassik. Gewalt im 5. und 4. Jh. v. Chr [Classical Antiquity’s Other Side. Violence in the 5th and 4th Century B.C]. Stuttgart 2005, 129–141.
  10. With C. Mann, Zur Heroisierung von Athleten [On the Heroization of Athletes], in: R. von den Hoff, S. Schmidt (eds.), Konstruktionen von Wirklichkeit. Bilder im Griechenland des 5. und 4. Jhs. v. Chr. [Constructions of Reality. Images in Greece from the 5th and 4th Century B.C.]. Günzburg 1999 (2001), 225-240.
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