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Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. theol. Manfred Hutter

Principal Investigator

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn 

Department of Religious Studies 

Adenauerallee 4-6 

53113 Bonn



Current Position: 

Director of the Department of History of Religions at the Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies 


1977-1982      M.A. Studies in Catholic Theology, University of Graz
1982-1984      Doctorate Studies in History of Religions, Department of Catholic Theology, University of Graz
1983-1987      M.A. Studies in Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (in combination with Oriental Studies),                                      University of Graz
1987-1991      Doctorate Studies, European Linguistics, University of Graz
1990              Habilitation and Venia legendi for History of Religions

Academic Positions

1982-2000      Lecturer, Research Associate and Associate Professor, Institute of History of Religions, University of Graz
2000-present   Professor of Comparative Religions, UoB

Participation in Centers and Collaborative Projects: 

Founding member (since 2003) and board member (until 31 December 2007) of the Center for the Study of the Relations between Religions and Societies (ZERG)

Additional Academic Activities: 

Co-editor of the series “Religionswissenschaft” [“Religious Studies”] (since 2006); Co-editor of the series “Religionen der Menschheit” [“Religions of Mankind”] (since 2014); Editor of the section "Religious Studies“ and the section "History of Religions: Prehistory to the Ancient Near East“ of “Religion – Past & Present”; Head for the sections "Buddhism" and "Non-European Christianity" in the “Handbuch der Religionen. Kirchen und andere Glaubensgemeinschaften in Deutschland und im deutschsprachigen Raum” [“Handbook of Religions: Churches and Other Religious Communities in Germany and in German-speaking Areas”] (2007 to 2012); Co-editor of “Zeitschrift für Religionswissenschaft” [“Journal of Religious Studies”] (# 8-18, 2001-2009); Member of the editorial board of the journal “Biblische Notizen” [“Bilbical Notes”] (since 2008); Member of the editorial board of the journal “Religionen Unterwegs” [“Religions on the Move”] (since 2012); Reviewer for national and international research organizations and foundations; Reviewer in accreditation commissions for religious study degree courses (since 2005); Comparative or external commissioner in approximately 10 religious studies appointment and habilitation procedures at German and Austrian universities (since 2002)


MH focuses on the history of religions in the pre-Islamic Near and Middle East. As religions in these societies were closely linked to political and/or dynastic structures, forms of mutual interdependencies occurred. Religions, both collectively and individually, are agents that create forms of dependency for the individual who becomes a servant (“slave”) of his/her god. This is also expressed by theophoric (and metaphoric) name-giving, but an individual could also become directly dependent to a temple if he is working there for the religious institution.
8 books, 142 articles in academic journals and edited volumes, 25 larger contributions to encyclopedias and lexica, 85 book reviews. Approximately 100 lectures at national and internationals workshops, conferences and invited lectures at universities annually, 8 completed, 4 ongoing PhD theses, 21 Magister, 15 Master and 53 Bachelor theses as supervisor

Third-Party Funding: 

Humboldt PostDoc scholarship for a Romanian researcher for two years (2010-2012)

Selected Publications:

  1. Das ewige Rad. Religion und Kultur des Buddhismus [The Eternal Wheel. Religion and Culture of Buddhism]. Graz 2001.
  2. Die Weltreligionen [World Religions]. Munich 2005.
  3. Handbuch Bahā’ī. Geschichte – Theologie – Gesellschaftsbezug [Handbook of the Bahā’ī Faith. History-Theology-Society]. Stuttgart 2009.
  4. With S. Hutter-Braunsar (eds.), Pluralismus und Wandel in den Religionen im vorhellenistischen Anatolien. Akten des religionsgeschichtlichen Symposiums in Bonn (19.-20. Mai 2005) [Pluralism and Change in the Religions of Pre-Hellenistic Anatolia]. Münster 2006.
  5. Religionsinterne Kritik und religiöser Pluralismus im gegenwärtigen Südostasien [Internal Religious Critique and Religious Pluralism in Contemporary Southeast Asia]. Frankfurt/M. 2008.
  6. Religionswissenschaft im Kontext der Asienwissenschaften. 99 Jahre religionswissenschaftliche Lehre und Forschung in Bonn [Religious Studies in the Context of Asian Studies. Ninety-Nine Years of Teaching and Research in Bonn]. Berlin 2009.
  7. With S. Hutter-Braunsar (eds.), Hethitische Literatur – Überlieferungsprozesse, Textstrukturen, Ausdrucksformen und Nachwirken [Hittite literature – Transmissions, Textual Structures, Forms of Expressions]. Akten des Symposiums vom 18. bis 20. Februar 2010 in Bonn. Münster 2011.
  8. Themen und Traditionen hethitischer Kultur in biblischer Überlieferung [Topics and Traditions of Hittite Culture in Biblical Transmission]. Freiburg 2013.
  9. Between Mumbai and Manila. Judaism in Asia since the Founding of the State of Israel. Göttingen 2013.
  10. Der Buddhismus II: Theravāda-Buddhismus und tibetischer Buddhismus [Buddhism II: Theravāda-Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism]. Stuttgart 2016.
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