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Prof. Dr. Wolfram Kinzig

Principal Investigator



Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

Abteilung für Kirchengeschichte, Evangelisch-Theologische Fakultät 

Am Hof 1 

53113 Bonn

Tel.: +49 228 73-7331

Current Position: 

University Professor of Church History (Early Church), C4


1978-1985: Church and teaching diploma studies in Protestant theology and Latin, University of Heidelberg and Université
                   de Lausanne
1985-1988: Doctoral studies, University of Heidelberg; Christ Church, Oxford; Trinity College, Cambridge
1991: Habilitation and Venia legendi in Church history (University of Heidelberg)

Academic Positions

1988-1992: Fellow of Peterhouse, Cambridge
1992-1995: Senior Research Fellow, King’s College, Cambridge
1996-present: Professor of Church History, University of Bonn

Participation in Centers and Collaborative Projects:

1992-1995 member of the research project “The rise, triumph, and fall of Early Christianity” (together with Catherine Hezser, Keith Hopkins, Seth R. Schwartz, Markus Vinzent), King’s College, Cambridge; 1992-2017 member of the international research group “Cyril of Alexandria, Against Julian” together with Gerlinde Huber-Rebenich, Stefan Rebenich (Berne), Christoph Riedweg (Zurich), Adolf Martin Ritter (Heidelberg), and Markus Vinzent (King’s College, London), supported by the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and funded by the DFG and the Swiss National Foundation (SNF); 1999-2002 member of the Special Research Area (SFB) 534 "Judentum – Christentum: Konstituierung und Differenzierung in Antike und Gegenwart", funded by the DFG; 2005-present member of the Bonn-Oxford research group with Günter Bader, John Barton, Oliver Davies, Paul Fiddes, Jochen Flebbe, Morwenna Ludlow, Charlotte Methuen, Michael Meyer-Blanck, Robert Morgan, Cornelia Richter, Jochen Schmidt, and Michael Wolter, partly funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD); 2005–present founding member and spokesperson of the Zentrum für Religion und Gesellschaft/Centre for Religion and Society, University of Bonn; 2008-present founding member of the Theologisches Forum (with Rainer Kampling and Susanne Talabardon), funded by the Akademie der Diözese Rottenburg- Stuttgart and the Evangelische Akademie, Berlin; 2010- present member of the German-French Graduate School of the Franco-German University (Bonn - Strassburg - Berne - Brussels - Luxembourg - Liège) “Foule et intégration dans les sociétés antiques”

Additional Academic Activities: 


In his research WK focusses on agents, dependants and structures of dependency in the late-antique and early medieval Church in the Latin west (including North Africa). In particular, he is interested in (1) authority and resistance among clergy; (2) doctrinal and (3) ethical norms and their implementation; (4) Church as social space; (5) the Church, jurisdiction, and secular governance; (6) the Church as economical agent. In these areas particular attention is given to the following agents and dependants: (1) bishops; (2) priests; (3) offices administering the Church’s economic resources such as deacons; (4) the role of women within the Church hierarchy; (5) the laity both as agents and dependants.
8 books (1 in 2 vols., 1 in 4 vols.), 12 edited volumes, 95 academic papers, 55 reviews; numerous national and international lectures and presentations; 10 completed and 3 ongoing doctorates as first and second supervisor; 2 completed and 2 ongoing habilitations as mentor

Third-Party Funding: 

German Research Foundation (DFG; 9 successful applications including Heisenberg Fellowship 1992-1996; SFB 534 – see above); Franco-German University (DFH); German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD); VW Foundation (Volkswagenstiftung; Opus Magnum Award 2014-2016); Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland (EKD)

Selected Publications:

  1. “Trample upon me...” The Sophists Asterius and Hecebolius – Turncoats in the Fourth Century A.D., in: Lionel R. Wickham/Caroline P. Bammel (eds.), Christian Faith and Greek Philosophy in Late Antiquity. Essays in Tribute to George Christopher Stead, Leiden 1993 (Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae 19), pp. 92-111. 
  2. Römisches Recht und Unrecht in der Predigt der Alten Kirche [Roman Law and Injus- tice in Sermons of the Early Church], in: Joachim Mehlhausen (ed.), Recht – Macht – Gerechtigkeit [Law – Power – Justice], München 1998 (Veröffentlichungen der Wis- senschaftlichen Gesellschaft für Theologie 14), pp. 407-437. 
  3. (with Markus Vinzent) Recent Research on the Origin of the Creed, Journal of Theo- logical Studies 50 (1999), pp. 535-559. 
  4. (with Martin Wallraff), Das Christentum des dritten Jahrhunderts zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit [Christendom in the Third Century between Theory and Reality], in: Dieter Zeller (ed.), Das Christentum I. Von den Anfängen bis zur Konstantinischen Wende, Stuttgart 2002 (Die Religionen der Menschheit I), pp. 331-388. 
  5. art. Wirtschaft/Wirtschaftsethik, V. Kirchengeschichtlich, V/1. Alte Kirche [Econo- my/Ethics of Economy, V: History of the Church, V/1: Early Church], in: Theologische Realenzyklopädie, vol. XXXVI, 2003, pp. 147-153. 
  6. Einleitung [Introduction], in: Christoph Riedweg (ed.), Kyrill von Alexandrien I – Gegen Julian, Teil 1: Buch I-V, Berlin/New York 2015 (GCS NF 20), pp. LXIV-LXXXII, CIX- CLXXV. 
  7. Herrschaft und Bekenntnis. Überlegungen zur imperialen Normierung des christlichen Glaubens in der Spätantike [Power and Confession: A Study of Imperial Laws Regu- lating Christian Faith in Late Antiquity], Historische Zeitschrift 303 (2016), pp. 621– 642. 
  8. Neue Texte und Studien zu den antiken und frühmittelalterlichen Glaubensbe- kenntnissen [New Texts and Studies on the Ancient and Early Christian Creeds], Ber- lin 2017 (Arbeiten zur Kirchengeschichte 132). 
  9. Faith in Formulae. A Collection of Early Christian Creeds and Creed-related Texts, 4 Bände, Oxford 2017 (Oxford Early Christian Texts). 
  10. Monarchianismus und Monarchie. Überlegungen zum Zusammenhang zwischen Theologie und Politik im 2. und 3. Jahrhundert [Monarchianism and Monarchy: A Study of the Relation between Theology and Politics in the Second and Third Centuries], in: Stefan Rebenich (ed.), Monarchische Herrschaft im Altertum [Monarchies in Antiquity], Berlin/Boston 2017 (Schriften des Historischen Kollegs 94), pp. 451-473.
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