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Video and Audio Podcasts of Selected Conferences

Here you will find video and audio podcasts of our events and lectures. As a rule, we upload the contributions within a few weeks.


Joseph C. Miller Memorial Lecture Series

The audio recordings of our Joseph C. Miller Memorial Lecture Series can be found here


Beyond Slavery and Freedom: Opening Up New Fields

Cluster of Excellence Opening Conference, November 6–7, 2019

Asymmetrical dependency is a new key concept developed by the Cluster of Excellence "Beyond Slavery and Freedom" to open up fresh approaches to research into slavery and dependency. In the past, scholarly research on slavery was often dominated by the Americas or classical antiquity. Over the next six years, the research contributions of “Beyond Slavery and Freedom” will break new ground and expand horizons in terms of content, time and space. While not all manifestations of servitude and coerced labour are necessarily associated with slavery, asymmetrical dependency covers a wide range of forms of human exploitation, including (but not limited to) forced labour, debt bondage and serfdom. Forming the starting point of this exciting research project, the conference will make an initial foray into the complex issues that will be the subject of our research.

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Key Note

'A Pack of Knaves': The Demise of the Royal African Company, the Triumph of the Big Planter Class and the Nadir of Enslaved Experience in British America, 1672–1708
Trevor Burnard, University of Melbourne

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High Profile Lectures 

The Second Slavery as a Global Phenomenon: How Dependent Was Capitalism on Slaveries and on Enslaved People?
Michael Zeuske, Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies

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Service, Help and Delegation: Labour Relations in the Past
Maria Ågren, University of Uppsala

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Gender Inequalities in Pre-Hispanic Times: Clues From the Iconography of Coastal Ecuador
María Fernanda Ugalde, Universidad Católica del Ecuador, Quito

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What Did It Mean to Be a Slave? Definitions and Assumptions in the Earliest Laws
Fernanda Pirie, University of Oxford

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Original Sin, Ancient and Modern: Guilt as a Justification for Enslavement
Noel Lenski, Yale University

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A Theory of Asymmetrical Dependency: Sociological and Historical Considerations
Rudolf Stichweh, Forum Internationale Wissenschaft

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 Ceremonial Opening of the Bonn Center of Digital Humanities at the University of Bonn

In mid-July, the University of Bonn opened the newly founded Bonn Center for Digital Humanities.

Gain an insight into the Center's research goals and listen to the greetings of the initiators:
Prof. Dr. Volker Kronenberg (Dean of the Faculty of Arts)
Dr. Ulrich Meyer-Doerpinghaus (Director of the Bonn University and State Library)
Prof. Dr. Stephan Conermann (Vice Rector for International Affairs)
Prof. Dr. Martin Bentz (Professor for Archaeology)

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