Cluster Opening Conference November 6-7, 2019

Opening Conference Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies
Trevor Burnard: The Demise of the Royal African Company 1672–1708
Michael Zeuske: The Second Slavery as a Global Phenomenon:
Maria Agren: Service, Help and Delegation: Labor Relations in the Past
Lecture Maria Fernanda Ugalde: Gender Inequalities in Pre-Hispanic Times
Fernanda Pirie: What Did It Mean to Be a Slave?
Lecture Noel Lenski: Original Sin, Ancient and Modern:
Rudolf Stichweh: Theories of Asymmetrical Dependency
Ceremonial opening of the Bonn Center of Digital Humanities at University of Bonn

About the BCDSS

Freiheit, Sklaverei und Zwangsarbeit - Was lehrt uns die Geschichte?
Pfeiffer-Poensgen: Hier sehe ich, was Unis zu bieten haben!
Why Dependency and Slavery Studies matter today.
What we learn from Transatlantic Slavery
International Cooperations at the BCDSS
Reading & Discussion with Natassa Sideri
Launch of the BCDSS Library of Ancient Slavery

BCDSS Exhibitions

Exhibition opening
BCDSS Livestream Opening Growing Exhibition
"Resources of Power - Objects Talk about Slavery and Dependency" Exhibition
Sammlungsobjekte und das Prinzip "Transparenz und Rückgabe"

BCDSS Joseph C. Miller Memorial Lecture Series


Laura Putnam: Child Labor and Sexual Abuse in a Mobile World: Vexed Asymmetric Dependencies in the Post-Emancipation Greater Caribbean"
Victoria Basualdo: Repression against the labor movement in Cold War dictatorships in Latin America: military and business responsibility in human rights violations in the case of Argentina (1976-1983)
Julia Harnoncourt: Unfree labour relations in Brazil’s Amazon region
Sidh Losa Mendiratta: Shaping Old Goa: Slavery, Caste and Religion in the Capital of the Estado da Índia (16 to 18th c.)
Elisa-Maria Hiemer: “You will listen to every name!” Destinies of young women working as maids in interwar Poland.
Johannes Preiser-Kapeller: "Loyal servants of the realm or swarms of locusts? Mobilisations of military and civil labour for the empires of western Afroeurasia in the aftermath of the First Plague Pandemic, 8th - 9th centuries"


Thomas Duve: Asymmetrical Dependency: A view from Global Legal History
João Fragoso, Thiago Krause: Sugar Mill Owners, Slavery, and the Slave Trade in Brazil: Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, 1600-1750
Romina Zamora: Slavery and indigenous servitude in the southern Andes, from the Sixteenth to Eighteenth centuries
Dan-el Padilla Peralta: The Epistemics of Mass Enslavement: Some Initial Hypotheses


Manuel Barcia Paz: The Art of Healing. African Medical Practitioners in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World
David Wheat: The Early Slave Trade
Truth-effects and differends. The "comfort women" and their monuments
Klaus Weber: Once a flourishing trade, then gladly forgotten
William Clarence Smith: Debt and the coercion of labour in the Islamic legal tradition
Hans Kopp: ‘Slavery’ and ‘dependency’ as interpretative tools for analysing Roman mutiny narratives
Sheryllynne Haggerty:I am so chained down by my business to this spot’ Making Money in Jamaica, 1756
Henry Lovejoy: Building West Africa Historical GIS: Mapping Enforced Internal & External Migrations
Edward B. Rugemer: Planter Power during the Era of the Haitian Revolution: Jamaica & South Carolina
Rafaël Thiébaut: Changes in Enslavement Methods on Madagascar &Slavery in the Mascarenes (1725-1810)
Ravi Ahuja: British Liner Companies and "Racial Management" in the Early Twentieth Century
Astrid van Oyen: Making Things Forget: Human & Material Dependencies in Roman Pompeii & Herculaneum
Jonathan DeVore: The Apotheosis of Primitive Accumulation: Cash Transfers in the COVID-19 Crisis


Boudewijn Sirks: The Colonate in the Roman Empire: A Balance-act Between Freedom and Bond
Claudia Rauhut: Redressing Historical Injustice: Caribbean Claims for Slavery Reparations
Klara Boyer Rossol: History and Memories of the Makua in Western Madagascar, 19th to 20th Centuries
Mary Weismantel: The Phallus of the Dead
Ana Mateos: The Color of Freedom: Two Proposals and a Subject Matter
Raquel Sirotti: Within the Law: Criminal Law and Political Repression in Brazil (1889-1930)
Ian Hodder: The Force Fields of Things: An Archaeological Focus on Sequences of Things
Reuven Amitai: A Very Peculiar Institution: Military Slavery in the Mamluk Sultanate
S. Abel: Debate Around Genetic Reconstruction of African Ancestry in Post-slavery American Societies
Jonathan Brown: Did Premodern Muslim Scholars Consider Slavery Evil?
Paola A. Revilla Orias: Historizing the Yanacona: Methodogical Decisions, Implications & Challenges
Gabriel Zuchtriegel: G. Zuchtriegel: Subalternity & Populations in Classical Greece: Social Reality & Ideological Legacy
Damian Pargas: Performing Freedom: Strategies of Escaping Slavery in the Slaveholding South
Kostas Vlassopoulos: Enslaved Persons and Their Multiple Identities in Ancient Societies
Enrique Martino: "Nothing Is Free Here": Labor Recruitment, Tessmann and the Fang in Spanish Guinea
Sidney Chalhoub: The Other Side of Silence: Gender and Slavery in Nineteenth-Century Literature
Andrea Binsfeld: Dominus & tyrannos? Narratives of Slavery in Political Discourse of Late Antiquity
Bruno Lamas: The Decomposition of Capitalism, Automation and the Problem of "Modern Slavery"
David Lewis: Slavery and Ancient Greek Economic Development
Turkana Allahverdiyeva: Non-elite Household Slavery in the Eighteenth-century Crimean Khanate
Chioma Daisy Onyige: Human Smuggling & Human Trafficking in Nigeria. Research Methods and Approaches
Gwyn Campbell: Western Attitudes to Slavery in the Indian Ocean World from 1807 to the Present Day
Pierangelo Buongiorno: The "Dictionary" of Dependencies in the Roman Empire: Some Remarks


Paolo Tedesco: The Rise and Fall of North Africa’s Peasantry
Roberto Hofmeister Pich: Ideology of Black Slavery
Charles Ramble: Of Human Bondage in the Nepal Himalaya
Richard B. Allen: Slaves, Convicts, Indentured Laborers
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