Cluster Opening Conference November 6-7, 2019

Opening Conference Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies
Trevor Burnard: The Demise of the Royal African Company 1672–1708
Michael Zeuske: The Second Slavery as a Global Phenomenon:
Maria Agren: Service, Help and Delegation: Labor Relations in the Past
Lecture Maria Fernanda Ugalde: Gender Inequalities in Pre-Hispanic Times
Fernanda Pirie: What Did It Mean to Be a Slave?
Lecture Noel Lenski: Original Sin, Ancient and Modern:
Rudolf Stichweh: Theories of Asymmetrical Dependency
Ceremonial opening of the Bonn Center of Digital Humanities at University of Bonn

About the BCDSS

Reading & discussion with Mareice Kaiser
Freiheit, Sklaverei und Zwangsarbeit - Was lehrt uns die Geschichte?
Pfeiffer-Poensgen: Hier sehe ich, was Unis zu bieten haben!
Reading & Discussion with Natassa Sideri
International Cooperations at the BCDSS
Launch of the BCDSS Library of Ancient Slavery
Why Dependency and Slavery Studies matter today.
What we learn from Transatlantic Slavery
Pia Wiegmink on WDR Radio

BCDSS Exhibitions

Exhibition opening
BCDSS Livestream Opening Growing Exhibition
"Resources of Power - Objects Talk about Slavery and Dependency" Exhibition
Sammlungsobjekte und das Prinzip "Transparenz und Rückgabe"

BCDSS Joseph C. Miller Memorial Lecture Series


Christopher Paolella on: Against Her Will and Crying Out': Poverty and Human Trafficking in Late-Medieval Europe
Nadine Riegler on " On the move. Gender and mobility in late antique letters"
Mikhail Nakonechnyi: “Traverse of the Moribunds”: the journeys of invalid ex-prisoners, released from the Gulag forced-labour camps, 1930-1953
Raquel Gil Montero on: Personal service” and related coercive labor relations in the Viceroyalty of Seventeenth-Century Peru
Louise C. de Mello: A Life Story In The Guaporé Rubber Fields: Racial relations and labour coercion in the South West Amazonian commodities frontier
Alice Rio: The European slave trade and regional profiles of slavery in the Early Middle Ages
J. Nicholas Reid :Imprisonment as Historical Process: Examples from Ancient Mesopotamia
Manuela Boatcă: Romani Europeans. The Forgotten Enslavement
Enrique Martino: The Exchange Structures of the Slave Trade: Money, Means, and Metrology in Atlantic Africa
Uroš Matić: Gender as a Frame of War in Ancient Nubia
Décio Muianga & Diogo Oliveira: Slavery in Northern Mozambique, trade dynamics and past interactions in India Ocean: Ilha de Moçambique, 900 AD to 1800
Christian Langer: Egypt’s Rise as a Great Power: Slavery, Forced Migration & Accumulation of Wealth by Dispossession
Victoria Basualdo: Repression against the labor movement in Cold War dictatorships in Latin America: military and business responsibility in human rights violations in the case of Argentina (1976-1983)
Laura Putnam: Child Labor and Sexual Abuse in a Mobile World: Vexed Asymmetric Dependencies in the Post-Emancipation Greater Caribbean"
Elisa-Maria Hiemer: “You will listen to every name!” Destinies of young women working as maids in interwar Poland.
Johannes Preiser-Kapeller: "Loyal servants of the realm or swarms of locusts? Mobilisations of military and civil labour for the empires of western Afroeurasia in the aftermath of the First Plague Pandemic, 8th - 9th centuries"
Sidh Losa Mendiratta: Shaping Old Goa: Slavery, Caste and Religion in the Capital of the Estado da Índia (16 to 18th c.)
Julia Harnoncourt: Unfree labour relations in Brazil’s Amazon region


Thomas Duve: Asymmetrical Dependency: A view from Global Legal History
João Fragoso, Thiago Krause: Sugar Mill Owners, Slavery, and the Slave Trade in Brazil: Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, 1600-1750
Romina Zamora: Slavery and indigenous servitude in the southern Andes, from the Sixteenth to Eighteenth centuries
Dan-el Padilla Peralta: The Epistemics of Mass Enslavement: Some Initial Hypotheses
Alex Geurds: The basis of political power in pre-Columbian southern Central America
Mark Hauser: Perennial Problem Solving
Thomas Pierson: Legal Asymmetries and Dependencies in German Civil Service Relations since the Late Middle Ages
Rafael de Bivar Marquese: Asymmetrical dependencies in the making of a global commodity: Coffee in the longue durée
Juan Lewis: Jesus the slave owner and its implications for the history of Christianity and slavery
Nabil Matar: Mediterranean Captives in the Arabic Archives, 1517-1798
Peter Gemeinhardt: Did late ancient Christianity depend on classical Paideia, and did it ever get rid of it?
Johannes Auenmüller: The Display of Social Relations and Dependencies: Case Studies from Pharaonic Egypt
Tommaso Beggio: ... nam poenae servus est, non Caesaris. Some remarks on the so-called servi poenae
Caroline Wallis: Symbolic acrobatics and economic phenomena in early Mesopotamian states
Andrew Wells: Slavery Beyond the Human: Animals and Chattel Slavery in the British Atlantic World, 1600–1840


Pamela Crossley: Dependency and the Mirage of 'Ethnicity'
Clara Almagro–Vidal: Uneven Relationships: Exploring the Dependence of Muslims on Military Orders in Medieval Iberia
Denis Regnier: An incomplete emancipation: Unintended consequences of colonial abolition in Madagascar
Elisabeth Herrmann-Otto: Elisabeth Herrmann-Otto
Marcos Leitão De Almeida: The Problem of Slavery in the Lower Congo
Alessandra Batty: Tracking dependency in late-antique Roman domestic architecture
Manuel Barcia Paz: The Art of Healing. African Medical Practitioners in the Nineteenth-Century Atlantic World
David Wheat: The Early Slave Trade
Truth-effects and differends. The "comfort women" and their monuments
Klaus Weber: Once a flourishing trade, then gladly forgotten
William Clarence Smith: Debt and the coercion of labour in the Islamic legal tradition
Hans Kopp: ‘Slavery’ and ‘dependency’ as interpretative tools for analysing Roman mutiny narratives
Sheryllynne Haggerty:I am so chained down by my business to this spot’ Making Money in Jamaica, 1756
Henry Lovejoy: Building West Africa Historical GIS: Mapping Enforced Internal & External Migrations
Edward B. Rugemer: Planter Power during the Era of the Haitian Revolution: Jamaica & South Carolina
Rafaël Thiébaut: Changes in Enslavement Methods on Madagascar &Slavery in the Mascarenes (1725-1810)
Ravi Ahuja: British Liner Companies and "Racial Management" in the Early Twentieth Century
Jonathan DeVore: The Apotheosis of Primitive Accumulation: Cash Transfers in the COVID-19 Crisis
Astrid van Oyen: Making Things Forget: Human & Material Dependencies in Roman Pompeii & Herculaneum


Boudewijn Sirks: The Colonate in the Roman Empire: A Balance-act Between Freedom and Bond
Claudia Rauhut: Redressing Historical Injustice: Caribbean Claims for Slavery Reparations
Klara Boyer Rossol: History and Memories of the Makua in Western Madagascar, 19th to 20th Centuries
Mary Weismantel: The Phallus of the Dead
Ana Mateos: The Color of Freedom: Two Proposals and a Subject Matter
Raquel Sirotti: Within the Law: Criminal Law and Political Repression in Brazil (1889-1930)
Ian Hodder: The Force Fields of Things: An Archaeological Focus on Sequences of Things
Reuven Amitai: A Very Peculiar Institution: Military Slavery in the Mamluk Sultanate
S. Abel: Debate Around Genetic Reconstruction of African Ancestry in Post-slavery American Societies
Jonathan Brown: Did Premodern Muslim Scholars Consider Slavery Evil?
Paola A. Revilla Orias: Historizing the Yanacona: Methodogical Decisions, Implications & Challenges
Gabriel Zuchtriegel: G. Zuchtriegel: Subalternity & Populations in Classical Greece: Social Reality & Ideological Legacy
Damian Pargas: Performing Freedom: Strategies of Escaping Slavery in the Slaveholding South
Kostas Vlassopoulos: Enslaved Persons and Their Multiple Identities in Ancient Societies
Enrique Martino: "Nothing Is Free Here": Labor Recruitment, Tessmann and the Fang in Spanish Guinea
Sidney Chalhoub: The Other Side of Silence: Gender and Slavery in Nineteenth-Century Literature
Andrea Binsfeld: Dominus & tyrannos? Narratives of Slavery in Political Discourse of Late Antiquity
Bruno Lamas: The Decomposition of Capitalism, Automation and the Problem of "Modern Slavery"
David Lewis: Slavery and Ancient Greek Economic Development
Turkana Allahverdiyeva: Non-elite Household Slavery in the Eighteenth-century Crimean Khanate
Chioma Daisy Onyige: Human Smuggling & Human Trafficking in Nigeria. Research Methods and Approaches
Gwyn Campbell: Western Attitudes to Slavery in the Indian Ocean World from 1807 to the Present Day
Pierangelo Buongiorno: The "Dictionary" of Dependencies in the Roman Empire: Some Remarks


Paolo Tedesco: The Rise and Fall of North Africa’s Peasantry
Roberto Hofmeister Pich: Ideology of Black Slavery
Charles Ramble: Of Human Bondage in the Nepal Himalaya
Richard B. Allen: Slaves, Convicts, Indentured Laborers


"Slavery and Dependency: New Perspectives on Cultural Heritage and German Global History" July 6-8, 2022

Keynote by Renate Duerr
Keynote by Manisha Sinha
Keynote by Jennifer Morgan
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