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Dita Auzina

Doctoral Researcher

Dita Auzina pic
University of Bonn
Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies
"Dependency, Gender and Labour in the Household"
Genscherallee 2
D-53113 Bonn

E-Mail: dauzina[at] 




In my research I am interested in the way past societies interacted with the landscape and how this interaction shaped the social structures in communities. My PhD project focuses on the early colonization period in the Caribbean and Central American region and interaction between indigenous communities, European conquistadors and African slaves. Its aims to understand how the newly established hierarchy between different ethnic groups and genders is represented in the spatial organisation of both households and settlements. And also the opposite around: how space is shaped to purposely establish and enforce new hierarchical structures. In my research I apply surveying technologies such as GPS, TS, drone mapping and LIDAR to collect data on landscapes and analyse these data in the context of historical sources, anthropology and landscape archaeology theories.


  • 2009-2012 BA in History, University of Latvia
  • 2014-2017 MA in Archaeology, University of Leiden, The Netherlands


Academic Positions:

  • 2015-2018 Archaeologist in the project “Technology transfer in the processing of mineral resources in earlier times” (TECHTRANS), University of Latvia, Institute of Latvian History
  • 2015-2016 Research Associate in project “PACEN”, Leiden university, Faculty of Archaeology, Caribbean Department


  • Auzina, D. Mapping monumentality - developing DEM, topographic map and feature databases of Aguas Buenas, in Geurds, A. & N.R. Donner (eds.) Participation in PACEN: Reflections on collaborative archaeology in Juigalpa, Nicaragua / Participando en el PACEN: Reflexionando sobre la arqueología colaborativa en Juigalpa, Nicaragua. (Sidestone press, Leiden?) in press
  • Jakovļeva, M., Auziņa, D., Brūzis, R.,  Gundersen, I.M., Rundberget, B., Bebre, V., Doniņa, I., Kļava, V., Straube, G., Bērziņš, V., Vīksna, A., Actiņš, A., Meija, R., Popovs, K., Upmalis, R., Parfentev, A.   Gone to smelt iron in Courland: technology transfer in the development of an early modern industry: in Post Medieval Archaeology (in press);
  • Auziņa, D., Bebre, V., Brūzis, R., Doniņa, I. Bijušās Kurzemes hercogistes dzelzs ieguves un apstrādes vietu arheoloģiskā apzināšana 2016. gadā// Arheologu pētījumi Latvijā 2016. un 2017. gadā (in press);
  • Auziņa, D., Bebre, V., Brūzis, R., Doniņa, I. Arheoloģiskie izrakumi Vecmuižas dzelzs ieguves un apstrādes manufaktūras vietā 2016. un 2017. gadā// Arheologu pētījumi Latvijā 2016. un 2017. gadā (in press).
  • Auziņa, D. Rīgas vēsturisko rūpnīcu saglabāšanas un atjaunošanas problēmas //Latvijas materiālā kultūras mantojuma saglabāšanas problēmas II. Rīga, Latvijas Universitātes Vēstures un filozofijas fakultāte, 2013., 35. - 50.lpp
  • Auziņa, D., Brūzis, R., Doniņa, I. Kurzemes metāla industrijas arheoloģisko pieminekļu apsekošana// Arheologu pētījumi Latvijā 2012. - 2013. gadā, Rīga, Nordic, 2014., 249. - 253. lpp.

Participations in collaborative projects:

  • Archaeological surveyor and trainer in The British Museum’s ​I​raq Emergency Heritage Management scheme, 2017-2018.
  • Archaeological surveyor in the NEXUS1492 project in the Dominican Republic, Leiden University, May-July 2016. 
  • Archaeological surveyor and mapping supervisor in the PACEN project in Nicaragua, Leiden University, 2015-2017.
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