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Research Groups

Ten Research Groups lie at the heart of the Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies (BCDSS). They investigate the various forms of strong asymmetrical dependencies that have developed across time and space. Each Research Group consists of one postdoctoral researcher (coordinator) and two PhD students.

The subjects of the Research Groups have been designed to provide broad conceptual entry points for the study of dependency, without duplicating the subjects of the Research Areas). They are aimed to stimulate research with a global, trans-epochal and multi-disciplinary approach, rather than focusing on specific regions or periods. For this reason, the individual research projects of the members of each Research Group ideally deal with different historical periods and geographic contexts, while all seek to address the key issues of the Research Group.

The coordinator will design the research profile of their Research Group and conduct an individual research project. The PhD students will work on their own dissertation and participate in the activities of the Research Group and the BCDSS. The members of each Research Groups will contribute primarily to the outputs of one Research Area (e.g. Research Area B “Embodied Dependencies”: touring exhibition; Research Area D “Labour and Spatiality”: textbook).

Research Groups:

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