BCDSS Working Papers

The Working Paper Series is conceptualized as "works in progress". The aim of this publishing series is to stimulate debates on the new key concept of the Cluster, asymmetrical dependency. In a first step, the Working Paper Series will be available online on the website of the BCDSS. Papers will be listed chronologically and according to the thematic years of the Cluster. The digital accessibility of the Working Papers will ensure the transfer of knowledge not only in, but also beyond, academic circles. It also keeps researchers and wider society informed about the research conducted in the Cluster. In a second step, the Working Papers of each thematic year will be published in a separate collected volume. Thus, BCDSS Working Papers present results from ongoing research and contribute to current scholarly debate. They are subject to internal peer review. Copies can be downloaded as PDF files (free).

Aktueller Hinweis

The first Working Papers are in the internal review process and are expected to be published in 2021.

We will announce the publications on our channels at the appropriate time.

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