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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

The list of peer-reviewed Journal Articles features articles by BCDSS researchers and visiting scholars published in peer-reviewed journals. Committed to the principles of Open Access, the BCDSS tries to provide free access to a PDF version of every article in the series. Since few of the recent articles are made available to everyone online right now, we offer at least a link to the abstract and the journal itself. Contracts with publishers and database providers entitle many research and higher education institutions to facilitate access to journal articles. Use the library website at your research institution to see which journals are electronically accessible to you. If you are interested in a particular article that is not available here in PDF format, please contact the author. He or she will usually be able to send you the full text, which may differ slightly from the published version.



  • Ansar, Anas: The Unfolding of Belonging, Exclusion and Exile: A Reflection on the History of Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Southeast Asia. In: Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. Published online: September 17, 2020. DOI: 10.1080/13602004.2020.1819126
  • De Vito, Christian, Schiel, Juliane, van Rossum, Matthias: From Bondage to Precariousness? New Perspectives on Labor and Social History. In: Journal of Social History 54 (2), 2020, 644–662. DOI: 10.1093/jsh/shz057.


  • Chevaleyre, Claude: Book Review: Johanna Ransmeier: "Sold People. Traffickers and Family Life in North China." Cambridge: Harvard University Press 2017. In: T'oung-Pao 105 (5–6) 2019, 636–643.
  • Conermann, Stephan: Book Review: Papoutsakis, Nefeil, von Hees, Syrinx (eds.): "The Sultan's Anthologist – Ibn Abī Ḥaǧalah and His Work." Würzburg: Ergon 2017. In: Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies 82 (1), 2019, 171–73.
  • Conermann, Stephan: Book Review: Gottschalk, Sebastian: "Kolonialismus und Islam: Deutsche und britische Herrschaft in Westafrika (1900–1914)." Frankfurt and New York: Campus Verlag, 2017. In: Connections: A Journal for Historians and Area Specialists. 4.5.2019.
  • De Vito, Christian: Singularidades conectadas en la historia global de la prisión de la deportación penal: Entrevista con Christian G. De Vito. In: Revista de Historia de las Prisiones, 9, Julio-Diciembre 2019, 136–146.
  • De Vito, Christian: Enredos punitivos: historias conectadas de transporte penal, deportación y encarcelamiento en el imperio espanol (1830–1898). In: Revista de Historia de las Prisiones, 9, Julio-Diciembre 2019, 48–69.
  • De Vito, Christian: History without Scale: The Micro-Spatial Perspective. In: Past & Present 242, Issue Supplement 14 (November 2019), 348–372.
  • Kinzig, Wolfram: Die Verpflichtungserklärungen der getauften Juden von Toledo aus den Jahren 637 und 654. In: Frühmittelalterliche Studien 53 (2019), 1–37.
  • Sen, Nabhojeet: Book Review: Bailey, Victor: "The Rise and Fall of the Rehabilitative Ideal, 1895–970." In: International Review of Social History, 64 (3), December 2019, Routledge: London, 557–559.
  • Zeuske, Michael: Kolumbus als Sklavenhändler und der Kapitalismus menschlicher Körper. In: Arnold, Rafael, Buschmann, Albrecht, Morkötter, Steffi, Wodianka, Stephanie (eds.): Romanistik in Rostock: Beiträge zum 600. Universitätsjubiläum.(Rostocker Studien zur Universitätsgeschichte, Vol. 32). Norderstedt: BoD 2019, 11–36.
  • Zeuske, Michael: Atlantik und "Atlantic Slavery": Neuere Forschungskomplexe und Historiografien. In: Historische Zeitschrift, 309 (2019), 411–428 (= Neue Historische Literatur. Schwerpunkt Geschichte der Sklaverei).
  • Zeuske, Michael: Commentary. In: Journal of Global Slavery 4 (2) 2019, 272–282.
  • Zeuske, Michael, Sanz Rozalén, Vicent: Towards a Microhistory of the Enslaved. Global Considerations. In: Luxán Meléndez, Santiago, Figuerôa Rȇgo, João (eds.): El tabaco y la rearticulación imperial ibérica (s. VV-XX), Évora: Publicações do Cidehus, 2019. 12.12.2019.
  • Zeuske, Michael: Tod bei Artemisa: Friedrich Ludwig Escher, Atlantic Slavery und die Akkumulation von Schweizer Kapital ausserhalb der Schweiz. In: Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Geschichte (SZG/RSH/RSS) 69 (1) 2019, 6–26.
  • Zeuske, Michael: Zwischen Caudillos und Rentenökonomie: Anmerkungen zur Geschichte Venezuelas. In: Welttrends: Das außenpolitische Journal 150, 27. Jg. (April 2019), 26–31.


  • Schmitz, Winfried: Lykurgs Gesetz über die Kinderzeugung und seine zweite und dritte Rhetra. In: Chiron 48, 2018, 107–141.


  • Ansar, Anas: Challenges in Access to Health Care Among Involuntary Migrants in Germany: A Case Study of Migrants' Experiences in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony. In: Journal of International Migration (IOM) 55/2 (February 2017), 97–108. DOI: 10.1111/imig.12326
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