Dr. Doris León Gabriel

Junior Postdoctoral Fellow (Heinz-Heinen-Fellowship)

Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies
October 2023–September 2024

Title of current research project: "Being cholo/chola in a criollo world. Cultural changes and social exclusion among Andean youth in Peruvian elite spaces"
Doris León Gabriel
© Doris León Gabriel

Academic Profile

My research focus on social exclusion through the experiences of Peruvian youths with Andean descendent managing the shift in their social position and access to elite spaces. This access itself is a turning point in power relations in Peru due to the increasing socioeconomic advancement of a sector of Andean migrants in the capital city Lima, mainly involved in entrepreneurial activities since the second half of the 20th century, forming a new intermediate social stratum and a new urban culture. These migrants were called cholos, a term referring to their cultural transformation in the city, until then mainly inhabited by the criollos, the elite descendants from Spaniards born in the colonies, who nowadays make up the ruling elite of the country.

This context raises questions about the scope of social mobility and cultural changes in the top segment of youth who inherit the wellbeing forged by their migrant parents. Having access to higher education, this cholo generation meets their peers of the old criollo elite at private universities while still facing different forms of exclusion. They develop new practices, identities and discourses that can challenge or reproduce the inequalities. In this regard, my particular interest lies in the interaction of these two groups relative socioeconomically equal, but culturally different, the latter with political power and attributed higher social status. The research aims to analyze the shaping, enabling and preserving practices that reflect and reproduce inequalities of power by addressing the intersection of the relationships based on social markers of racialization, class, status and gender.

Department Anthropology of the Americas, Bonn University, Research Assistant for the project Reworking national Identities: The consumption and performance of South Asian Genres in Peru

Institute of Peruvian Studies, Peru, Research Assistant for the project Indigenous health, social inequalities and interculturality: research and critical evaluation of Social Politics in Peru

Institute of Peruvian Studies, Peru, Research Assistant for the project Territoriality, regional cultural knowledge and its implications for social mobility in Lima

PhD in Anthropology of the Americas, Bonn University, Germany

Licenciatura in Anthropology, National University of San Marcos, Peru

Bachelor in Anthropology, National University of San Marcos, Peru

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