Kofi Asihene

Doctoral Guest Researcher

Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies
January 2024–March 2024

University of Ghana
Title of current research project: "Finding the Voice of the Disabled Black Slave: An Analysis of the Concept of Slavery through the Lens of Disability"
Kofi Asihene
© Kofi Asihene

Academic Profile

My research revisits history through the lens of disability. I explore literature on – and representations of – persons with disability mainly during the transatlantic slave trade era. I hypothesize that there is a complex intersectionality of race, gender, slavery, dependency and disability that existed during this era. The goal of this research is to investigate this intersectionality, examining how these multiple factors compounded to create a unique experience of slavery and dependency for persons with disability. The focus is not only on the slaver and the disabled slave, but also the asymmetrical dependencies and othering that existed between the able-bodied slave and the disabled slave.

My research provides a fresh insight into slave narratives as well as the concept of intersectionality in historical and disability studies.

since 2019 
Ph.D. in African Studies, Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana

MPhil in African Studies, Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana

B.A. in English with French, University of Ghana

2022. "I Stand for Africa, I Speak for Africa: Telling the African Narrative through the Voice of the Spoken Word Artist." In Africa No Filter Academic Report. Open access

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