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The survival of the environment depends on our values, attitudes and behaviors …


picture by Angelina Vetter, BCDSS


... our existence depends on the environment.

The Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies is committed to raise a sustainable and environmentally-friendly behavior.

By implementing a sustainability strategy we can make a contribution to a better climate. We also aim to spread an awareness of sustainability.

Therefore we have created guidelines for

  1. in-house conferences
  2. workshops and conferences abroad
  3. the office.

Guidelines for In-house Conferences

  • no meat, use a local caterer. for example: Caritas, Markt und Knecht
  • organic, fair-trade coffee, tea, milk
  • collect name tags after workshops or conferences for re-use
  • encourage participants to bring their own cups
  • use of refillable pens, cork pens
  • use glass jugs for tap water or refill your personal water bottles 

Guidelines for Workshops and Conferences Abroad

  • reduce flights
  • no flights for journeys under 1,000 km
  • travel by train as much as possible
  • book hotels with sustainability standards

Guidelines for the Office

  • turn off the lights in empty offices
  • do not waste water and use cold water if possible
  • do not have the heating on while the windows are open
  • when you have the heating on, reduce it
  • use the stairs instead of the elevator, if possible
  • switch off your computer, monitor and printer when you leave the office
  • do not waste paper, and avoid printing
  • use eco-friendly paper if you must print
  • use sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning products, for example: Denk mit! (own-brand products of DM drugstore chain)
  • instead of using paper towels, use cloth towels

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