The BCDSS is committed to providing a family-friendly work and study environment. We understand family as a concept that may consist of all kinds of family situations (traditional, single-parent family situations of both genders, as well as LGBTQI* parenting). Family commitments include all kinds of family care responsibilities like taking care of extended family members and not just childcare.

Flexible working hours & locations

BCDSS members with family care responsibilities are given full flexibility to work from home whenever necessary and with flexible working hours. We aim to have meeting times that are compatible with family duties.


Extended working contracts

On 30 June 2021 the BCDSS Steering Committee decided that the contracts of employees who take parental leave will be extended for the duration of the parental leave.


Student Assistants

BCDSS members with family care responsibilities can be supported by student assistants at short notice. We are committed to finding individual solutions for individual needs.


BCDSS Parent Support Group

The support group is a voluntary parent-led initiative which collectively organises better support for members and guests with work/study and child care responsibilities. Some of its priorities are:

  • Coordinating better childcare support (especially during Kita closures and BCDSS events).
  • Managing the BCDSS Family room at Niebuhrstraße 5.
    Creating a platform to share updated and useful information for parents.
  • Identifying other areas of needed support and coordinating with BCDSS management to find solutions.

To join the BCDSS Parent Support Group or inquire further, please write back to the DEI Coordinator :

Childcare Room

Child Care Facilities & Funds

Together with the Clusters of Excellence PhenoRob and EconTribute we have a fully equipped Family room equipped with a changing table in Niebuhrstraße 5 (Room 3.007) available for all BCDSS members with childcare responsibilities. 

Additional funds for accompanying children and/or partners when attending conferences, as well as child care support for events during hours that are not usually covered by standard child care facilities are available upon application.

The University of Bonn has been certified as a “Family Friendly University” since 2011 and therefore, offers great central institutional support through the Office of Family Services. The Office of Family provides advice to employees and students of the University of Bonn around the topics of childcare, maternity protection, parental leave, care of relatives and more.

Kid's Box.png

In line with this, the Gender Equality office at Bonn University offers free flexible childcare equipment as part of their childcare services. 

The KidsBox is a rollable cabinet that, when opened, creates a safe space for children between the age of 1,5 and 7 years to play, sleep, and be cared for.  

Among other things, each KidsBox contains

  • a travel cot, which is also suitable as a playpen,
  • a folding mattress and sleeping mat for crawling and playing on the floor,
  • a clamping seat for docking to your own desk,
  • a changing mat,
  • books, painting equipment, and various toys. 

Each KidsBox is equipped with disinfectants for both surfaces and hands. All surfaces, doors, handles, and shelves are washable. The products are from well-known manufacturers and brands.

For more information on the inventory, the terms of use, and a contact address, see here

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