A Workshop offered by Diversity, Equity and Inclusion under Theme A ‘Developing Safe & Inclusive Spaces’


The workshop will focus on returning to academic after parental leave, including finding work-life balance, adjusting, and managing priorities, as well as taking care of oneself both as a parent and as a professional. It will serve as a safe space for open discussions about the aforementioned topics, brainstorming about approaches and tools that can be beneficial for the participants, and potential planning for them.

Given all the differences between individuals and families, the aim will be to help the participants tailor their own plans, help them execute them, and follow-up with them on those plans.

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Different tools will be provided to better deal with the transition back into academic after being on parental leave. The focus will be the here-and-now, sharing and open discussions, and ideas on how to create a sense of comfort rather than longer-term stress management techniques.

Workshop Goals:

  •  To present, discuss, and share concerns about returning to work, adjustments to new work patterns, and common challenges found among parents returning to academia.

  • To discuss issues pertaining to prioritization of responsibilities, division of labor, and negotiation of academic and parenthood identity and roles. 

  • To encourage the participants to make an applicable and realistic self-care plan

Date and Time

November 17, 2023

9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Location: Lounge (0.016), Niebuhrstraße 5 or online via Zoom.



Target Group

BCDSS Postdocs and Doctoral students

Credit Points

for BCDSS PhD students: 1


Kindly register by sending an email to and (for PhDs). 


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