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Joseph C. Miller Lecture by Toyin Falola

One of the hallmarks of research is to reflect and inquire into the characteristics of society and broaden the scope of its development. As a result, research cannot be distanced from society’s past; it wears it like a cloak. Colonial history and heritage have had their impacts on research endeavors, and they seem not to have been washed away by time. The systems and remnants of identifiable colonial heritages still seen in African research are many. In this lecture, the most important ones will be discussed & criticized with recommendations provided. Since research must extend the scope of development & inspire it in society, it must be used to redefine how the global world & Africans see Africa. It must be harnessed to show that those who study Africa are capable of era-changing innovations & bringing certain innovative ideas, systems, and inventions from Africa to bear. Research must be used to prove that Africa is not a land of nothingness or of barbarians who beckon for sympathy.
Friday, 20.05.22 - 04:15 PM - 06:00 PM
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Research in Universities and the Legacy of Colonization
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