03. September 2021

Annual Conference "Embodied Dependencies" Annual Conference "Embodied Dependencies"

Wednesday, 22.09.2021 (09:30 CET start)  - Thursday, 23.09.2021 

The two-day conference hosted by Research Area B examines “embodied dependencies” in human societies from archaeological, art-historical and anthropological perspectives, exploring their historical breadth and variety.


Embodied Dependencies
Embodied Dependencies - Prisoner from the city of Tonina (from Classical Maya Period, 8th century A.D.) © Jorge Pérez de Lara
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The conference will help to establish an inventory of material evidence of asymmetrical dependencies and its range of expression and information as an important site of asymmetrical dependencies next to the written word. Taking into consideration the “material turn” as well as recent debates on environmental history and bio-history, we also aim to relativize the modern/Western focus on written culture from a pre-colonial perspective. The conference is organized along four thematic panels: Bodies, Representations, Resources, and Spaces.

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