15. April 2024

Book Discussion "Slavery and Dependency: Comparative Approaches in Global History." Book Discussion "Slavery and Dependency: Comparative Approaches in Global History."

A roundtable with historians from France, Britain, Germany and the US.

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The history of slavery has been undergoing a massive paradigm shift in recent times. One aspect is how Slavery and Dependency Studies reconceptualize the history of enslavement and human trafficking against the background of strong asymmetrical dependency, such as 'Leibeigenschaft' and serfdom. Comparative perspectives have therefore gained much significance and contributed enormously to the field. At the same time, global history has reached its preliminary peak - time to bring these two strands together as oftentimes scholars do both: case studies and global history. With Paulin Ismard and Benedetta Rossi, the bpb and the BCDSS welcome two of the most outstanding scholars both in the world history of slavery and dependency and comparative history. With Stephan Conermann and Joseph Biggerstaff we will host an intergenerational roundtable, moderated by Claudia Jarzebowski.

The discussion will be held in ENGLISH.

When? June 4, 2024, 6 - 8 pm, followed by a reception.

Where? Neues Medienzentrum der bpb, Bundeskanzlerplatz 2E, 53113 Bonn

Panelists: Paulin Ismard, Benedetta Rossi (authors), Stephan Conerman, Joseph Biggerstaff and Claudia Jarzebowski (BCDSS)

‎Please register by June 2, 2024.

For any queries, please contact Cécile Jeblawei pr@dependency.uni-bonn.de.

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