14. October 2021

Call for Papers: The new American Antiquarian (NAA) Call for Papers: The new American Antiquarian (NAA)

Call for Papers: The New American Antiquarian (NAA), a new peer-reviewed journal dedicated to reconstructing the hemispheric American past to 1825 A.D. trough the publication of critically edited source material, invites submissions for its inaugural issue. The mission of the NAA is to foster the empirical reconstruction of the American past. NAA strives to advance this object principally through the peer-reviewed publications of critically edited source material.

Call for Paper: The new American Antiquarian
Call for Paper: The new American Antiquarian © NAA
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NAA welcomes submissions of previously unpublished manuscript transcriptions; new English translations; collations of printed material; guides or catalogs that aid in the interpretation of source collections; ans scholarships that interrogates the American archive.

NAA welcome submissions of up to 10,000 words (excluding footnotes)/ 14,000 words (including footnotes). All submissions should be formatted in Chicago style. NAA intends to publish its issues in PDF format. Authors are welcome to submit digital supplements. such as XML files or photographs of archival documents, for parallel distribution through NAA's platform. The editors will anonymize submissions for the peer-review process. NAA hope to develop an accessible online submission platform in the near future.

NAA is edited by Peter Jakob Olsen-Harbich (pjolsenharbich@email.wm.edu) and Simeon A. Simeonov (simeon_simeonov@alumni.brown.edu). All submissions should be sent to newamericanantiquarian@gmail.com. NAA are also interested in expanding our editorial board, reviewer pool, and potentially in forming a relationship with an academic press. 

Read the mission statement here.

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