02. January 2023

DEPENDENT Issue 6 out now! DEPENDENT Issue 6 out now!

Special Focus: Institutionalized Dependency in Ancient China

In this issue, we shall be shedding light on research activities spanning across four continents, from field research on the pre-modern Napo culture in Ecuador to the present-day lives of Rohingya refugees on Bhasanchar Island of Bangladesh. 

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We will also report from Peru (Danitza L. Márquez Ramírez), Ecuador (Tamia Viteri Toledo), Cyprus (Nolwenn Guedeau), and Korea (Christina Mae Sarito).

In our special focus on “Institutionalized Dependency in China”, BCDSS Principal Investigator Christian Schwermann and postdoctoral researcher Paul Fahr (both Ruhr-Universität Bochum) will be taking us to ancient China to explore ways of “Ruling Through Social Forms”. 

As Russia’s War against Ukraine dominated the news, we asked Principal Investigator Martin Aust what it meant for Germany and the BCDSS. Andrii Bovgyria, senior researcher at the Institute of History of Ukraine, and Heinz Heinen Fellow from April to June 2022, will share his view of “History through the eyes of a Ukrainian historian and refugee” with us. 

As usual, we report on conferences and workshops and on news around the Cluster. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

We wish you a pleasant read and a very happy New Year!

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