18. October 2023

ESTA (Exploring Slave Trade in Asia) Database Launch ESTA (Exploring Slave Trade in Asia) Database Launch

As one of the collaborators of the project and international partner of the International Institute of Social History (IISH), Amsterdam, the BCDSS is very pleased to host the launch of the ESTA Database on Friday, 17 November 2023. 

Over the past five years, a project team based at the IIISH has developed the ESTA Database structure in collaboration with international partners. The ESTA project has established a relational database model that is able to accommodate structural differences in source material and (existing) datasets relating to different parts of the Indian Ocean and maritime Asia region. Currently (2023), the database contains almost 8,000 individual slave trade (sub)voyages across the maritime Asia region between roughly 1600 and 1850. The number of enslaved persons transported during these voyages range from 392,000 to 415,000 individuals.

For more information on the ESTA Database, see: https://esta.iisg.nl

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