28. July 2023

Film screening and discussion of "Workingman's Death" Thursday, August 3rd, 20:00h: film screening and discussion of "Workingman's Death"

Thursday, August 3rd, 20:00h at Kino in der Brotfabrik, Bonn

Join us this coming Thursday, August 3rd, for the screening and discussion of this deeply moving documentary by Michael Glawogger on precarious working conditions around the globe.

WORKINGSMAN'S DEATH © ‎Paul Thiltges Distributions
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We are carrying on with our film and discussion series “Who’s got the Power?” jointly organized by the BCDSS and Förderverein Filmkultur Bonn. The aim is to make the concept of strong asymmetrical dependency tangible for a wider audience through the screening and discussion of films that depict a variety of scenarios of strong asymmetrical dependencies. Everyone is invited to discuss impressions and thoughts with members of the cluster.

This coming Thursday, we will be kicking off with a very powerful cinematic experience: the 35mm analogue film screening of Workingman’s Death by Austrian filmmaker Michael Glawogger (2005).

The documentary addresses contemporary precarious labor across the globe, focusing on heavy manual labor in Ukraine (illegal coal mining in Donbass), Indonesia (mining sulphur from a volcano crater), Nigeria (working at the open-air slaughterhouse), Pakistan (dismantling an abandoned oil tanker for scrap metal), and China (extreme working conditions in the steel industry).

PhD researcher Ayesha Hossain will be offering her expertise on the topic. If you think you can also contribute to the discussion, please get in touch with Cécile Jeblawei or Ayesha Hussain! We welcome more perspectives from within and beyond the cluster.

Venue: Kino in der Brotfabrik, Kreuzstraße 16, 53225 Bonn
Time: 20:00 Film Screening  –  21:30 Discussion / Reception

Please note: Cinema ticket fees apply (€9 or €7 concession). You may either buy tickets on the door or online in advance.
Everyone is cordially invited to join us for drinks and snacks and an informal post-screening discussion in the cinema foyer.

For more information & registration contact: Cécile Jeblawei pr@dependency.uni-bonn.de

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