28. May 2024

Guest Lecture by Prof. Kwame Anthony Appiah Identities in History - Guest Lecture by Prof. Kwame Anthony Appiah

Identities in History

We are pleased to announce that the renowned philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah will give a guest lecture at the BCDSS on 27 June 2024 titled "Identities in History." Appiah's lecture will be based on his latest book The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity (2018).

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This book grew out of four lectures that Professor Appiah gave for BBC Radio. His aim was to provide a broad audience with a comprehensive understanding of social identities, drawing on philosophy, history, literature and the social sciences. In his original lectures he examined four specific identities: religion, nationality, race and culture, adding the category of class in the book. In his lecture at the BCDSS, Appiah will focus on the status of what the Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution defines as "race, color, or previous condition of servitude."

Appiah's lecture at the BCDSS is part of a lecture series that is co-organized by the BCDSS, the English Department at the University of Cologne and the Cologne-based literary non-profit organization stimmen afrikas. Find out more information on these three further events organized by stimmen afrikas and the University of Cologne respectively:


25 June: Dynamic Identities and their Creative Potential - Talk by Kwame Anthony Appiah & poetry performance by Lubi Barre, followed by a conversation with Liz Shoo

26 June: "Political Identity" - Public Lecture at the University of Cologne

26 June: Ghost Season - Reading with novelist Fatin Abbas & conversation with Kwame Anthony Appiah and donna Kukama


Due to limited seating, please register by 24 June: events@dependency.uni-bonn.de

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