05. June 2024

New Book: RESIST! The Art of Resistance New Book: RESIST! The Art of Resistance by Ricardo Márquez García together with N. Snoep, V. Marušić & L. Hauth

By PhD Researcher Ricardo Márquez García together with Nanette Snoep, Vera Marušić and Lydia Hauth

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RESIST! illuminates 500 years of anti-colonial resistance in the Global South and tells about colonial violence and oppression and its continuities. The exhibition and the book about it pay homage to the people who resisted in the most diverse ways and whose stories have hardly ever been told or heard to this day. The works of over 40 contemporary artists from the Global South and the diaspora tell stories of rebellion and war, violence and trauma as well as survival and resilience. Their stories are complemented by historical documents and numerous objects from the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum collection, silent witnesses of moments of anti-colonial resistance.

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