16. January 2023

New Friday Seminar Series New Friday Seminar Series

Formerly held on Wednesdays, the new Friday Fellows and Alumni Seminars provide first hand insight into current research projects by BCDSS Fellows and Alumni. Now open to the general public, the aim is to make the Cluster’s scholarly work more visible nationally and internationally, and to promote a dialogue between our BCDSS scholars and the wider public.

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We are kicking off this Friday January 20 with  BCDSS fellow Rosie Fitzmaurice who is looking forward to a lively discussion of her PhD project “Indigenous Forced Labour and Dependency in Postclassic Mesoamerica (ca CE 900‒1521)”. She will be presenting her overall thesis project, which she has been writing up during her time in Bonn.

Rosie will take us through the chapters of her thesis, covering ethnohistorical descriptions of forced labour practices in Mesoamerica and material visualisations of labour from the Maya, Nahua, and Mixtec areas. She will be using examples from her thesis as entry points for discussions, in particular on: how to describe the nuanced ideas of ownership across cultures, but also: how to get an academic job after submitting the thesis!

@Members of the public:
To register, please drop an email entitled "Friday Fellows Seminar" with your name and the date of the seminar to Laura Hartmann. 

Date and Time: Friday, January 20, 2023, 16:00-17:30 CET

Location: Heussallee 18-24 (conference room).

Alternatively you may attend online (Zoom). Please request the link when you register via email.

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