27. September 2023

New Publication by Viola Müller New Publication by Viola Müller

Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. Viola Müller has just published a new book, Moving Workers, together with editors Claudia Bernardi, Biljana Stojić and Vilhelm Vilhelmsson.

Cover_Moving Workers
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The contributions in this book are based on extensive archival research and span Europe and North America over the past 500 years. They provide fresh historical perspectives on the various regimes of coercion, mobility, and immobility as constituent parts of the political economy of labour.

Combining global labour history with mobility studies, the book investigates moving workers through the lens of coercion. It explores how workers moved and were moved, why they moved, and how they were kept from moving. Moving Workers shows that all struggles relating to the mobility of workers or its restriction have the potential to reveal complex configurations of hierarchies, dependencies, and diverging conceptions of work and labour relations that continuously make and remake our world.


Download the book here.

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