16. November 2022

New Third-Party Funded Project by Julia Hillner New Third-Party Funded Project by Julia Hillner

We're excited to share that BCDSS professor Julia Hillner has been awarded a grant by the AHRC and DFG for Connecting Late Antiquities (CLA).

Julia Hillner
Julia Hillner © BCDSS
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Together with professor Richard Flower (Exeter), BCDSS professor Julia Hillner will be funded by the AHRC and DFG for Connecting Late Antiquities (CLA), a collaboration with Dr Charlotte Tupmann at the University of Exeter and Dr Gabriel Bodard at the University of London. The project uses new digital methods to transform our understanding of social relationships in late antiquity. As well as producing an updated, digital edition of the major work Prosopography of the Later Roman Empire, the project will focus on the roles played by social networks in late Roman North Africa, and on mobility and interactions between different social strata in late antique Britain.

Julia Hillner is a professor of Dependency and Slavery Studies on Imperial Rome, Late Antiquity and Research Area E Representative. She works predominantly on the transformations of the family and the household in the period 300–750 and how these transformations are reflected in legal norms and practices. Most recently, she has researched structures of dependency within the late Roman imperial household, especially during the reign of the first Christian emperor Constantine.

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