13. December 2022

New Working Papers out now! New Working Papers out now!

Our Working Papers present results from ongoing research and contribute to current scholarly debate. They are conceptualized as “work in progress”. The aim of this publishing series is to stimulate debates on the new key concept of the Cluster, strong asymmetrical dependency. They are subject to an internal peer review.

In issue 9, BCDSS Principal Investigator Julia A.B. Hegewald explores the changing position of the Jaina religious community in the south Indian State of Karnataka in premodern times. From the early fifth century onwards, the
influence of the Jainas in the region had consistently increased. This situation changed significantly during the middle of the twelfth century. 

In issue 10, BCDSS Investigator Dorothea Heuschert-Laage examines Slavery in Eighteenth Century Mongolia. She investigates moments of transition in which people were forced into dependency, or had to change from one relationship of asymmetrical dependency to another. It is argued that these transitions were backed by state law, but were rooted in practices which predated the establishment of the Qing dynasty (1636–1911).

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