28. November 2023

Impressions from the Reading & Discussion with Mareice Kaiser Impressions from the Reading & Discussion with Mareice Kaiser

Video out now!

You can now watch a short video of the reading and discussion with journalist and writer Mareice Kaiser from 30 October 2023, held in cooperation with the Volkshochschule (‘Adult Education Centre’) Bonn.

We had the pleasure of hosting Mareice Kaiser for a captivating session on her latest book:

"How much? What we do with money and what money does to us"

Money, a subject often shrouded in silence and shame, took center stage as Mareice Kaiser delved into the intricacies of the financial narratives and emotions of individuals navigating the spectrum of wealth (and the lack of it).

In her thought-provoking book, Kaiser shares insights garnered from numerous conversations about money, offering a poignant exploration into the experiences of those with both abundance and scarcity. As a journalist and mother who partially financed her book through unemployment benefits, Kaiser courageously reflects on her own tumultuous relationship with money, expressing the poignant sentiment: "I'm ashamed of not having any money. I'm ashamed of having money." The narrative further delves into profound questions about the role of money in shaping educational opportunities, the impact of one's degree on income, and whether the German education system perpetuates wealth disparities. Exploring the intersectionality of origin and gender, the book poses critical queries that resonate with readers on a deeply personal level. "What do our feelings about money reveal about ourselves?" emerges as a central theme, prompting introspection and fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate ties between individual emotions and financial dynamics. Guiding the insightful discussion were Principal Investigator Karoline Noack and Jean-Pierre Schneider, Director of Caritas Bonn. Together with Mareice Kaiser and the engaged audience, they delved into the intricate web of dependencies and emotions woven into the fabric of financial relationships, as eloquently depicted in her book, "Wie Viel? Was wir mit Geld machen und was Geld mit uns macht".

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