16. June 2023

Juneteenth National Independence Day Juneteenth National Independence Day

Juneteenth National Independence Day is a federal holiday celebrated on June 19th in the United States. It commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the country. Juneteenth traces its roots back to June 19, 1865 and became a federal holiday in the United States through the passage of the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act on June 17, 2021. 

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Juneteenth Lecture by Speaker Dr. Tiffany N. Florvil, Associate Professor of History at the University of New Mexico: "Revisiting Black Radical Histories Across the Atlantic"

Throughout modern history, Black writers and activists – George Padmore, Shirley Graham Du Bois, and May Ayim – have pursued radical projects pointing out the lack of basic human rights of marginalized communities. In this talk commemorating the Juneteenth National Independence Day, Tiffany N. Florvil argues that these individuals and others have drawn upon their cross-cultural experiences to highlight how the intersecting oppressions of racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, and ableism have persisted throughout the twentieth century. Traversing geographical and aesthetic boundaries, these activists and intellectuals advocated for civil, social, and political change in their respective countries and beyond, advancing a cosmopolitan ethos that allowed them to offer new forms of knowledge and instigate change.


Juneteenth radio contribution by Prof. Dr. Pia Wiegmink

BCDSS' Prof. Dr. Pia Wiegmink was invited to speak on WDR Radio Cosmo about Juneteenth. Check out the full video here.


Juneteenth Lecture
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