30. November 2022

Out now: BCDSS Teaching resources on Ancient Slavery Out now: BCDSS Teaching resources on Ancient Slavery

A practical guide for German secondary schools

Reaching out to schools forms a crucial part of our outreach activities. BCDSS members Konrad Vössing and Maja Baum, together with Peter Geiss (Didactics of History, Bonn University), developed a collection of primary sources, interpretations and didactic suggestions, designed as a practical guide for German secondary schools. 

Antike Sklaverei
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The publication comes in timely for secondary schools in Berlin where, as of 2023, "Slavery in Antiquity" will form an integral part of their "Zentralabitur", i.a. secondary school leaving examinations. If not already planned, the new guide should encourage more federal states in Germany to follow suit. 

Drawing on current scholarly discussions, the authors provide access to current questions and selected ancient sources on slavery in antiquity. The aim is to offer hands-on guidance and advice rather than a comprehensive selection of ready-made teaching material. Teachers are enabled to develop their own teaching concept and learning material through a targeted and problem-oriented exploration of the subject. Any lesson plans included in this dossier are samples intended to serve as guidance.

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