13. November 2023

"The Abolitionist Civil War" - Book Launch "The Abolitionist Civil War" - Book Launch

Join us Wednesday, November 15th at 2pm CT (3pm ET) for a Facebook Live discussion and Q&A featuring former BCDSS Bonn-Yale-Anton-Wilhelm-Amo-Fellow Frank J. Cirillo and his new LSU Press book, "The Abolitionist Civil War: Immediatists and the Struggle to Transform the Union."

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"The Abolitionist Civil War" - Book Launch
"The Abolitionist Civil War" - Book Launch © BCDSS
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The astonishing transformation of the abolitionist movement during the Civil War proved enormously consequential both for the cause of abolitionism and for the nation at large. Drawing on a cast of famous and obscure figures from Frederick Douglass to Moncure Conway, Frank J. Cirillo’s "The Abolitionist Civil War" explores how immediate abolitionists contorted their arguments and clashed with each other as they labored over the course of the conflict to create a more perfect Union. Cirillo reveals that immediatists’ efforts to forge a morally transformed nation that enshrined emancipation and Black rights shaped contemporary debates surrounding the abolition of slavery but ultimately did little to achieve racial justice for African Americans beyond formal freedom.

Live video feed of this event will appear in the Facebook discussion thread on Wednesday, November 15th at 2pm CT: To watch it, join the Facebook Event.

You can order a copy of the book here.

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