25. August 2022

Why Diversity Matters in Research and Development Why Diversity Matters in Research and Development

Open Lecture by Heinz Heinen Senior Fellow Prof. Dr. Chioma Daisy Onyige

All welcome!

The lecture will take place Sep. 15, 2022, from 10-12 CET, at the BCDSS conference room (0.018), Niebuhrstr. 5, 55113 Bonn (coffee included!). Alternatively you can join via Zoom (details below).

Prof. Dr. Chioma Daisy Onyige
Prof. Dr. Chioma Daisy Onyige © BCDSS
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Over a century ago, nearly all researchers were white and men. Researchers and research participants were primarily white men as well.  Research serves as a means of finding novel, state-of-the art, pioneering, and advanced ways to improve different systems spanning across multiple disciplines of study. While most of these problems of under-representation in research have diminished to some extent in modern times, we still have a lot of work to do.  With regard to research, researchers and research participants, diversity is greatly lacking, but results are usually assumed to be generalizable to everyone. Representation matters when it comes to research and development. While there is a common understanding surrounding the importance of research, today’s presentation will attempt to highlight the importance of diversity within research and development.

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