Who's Got the Power? - Program 2024

Continuing our commitment to thought-provoking cinema and dialogue, we present "Who's got the Power?," in collaboration with the Förderverein Filmkultur Bonn.

This year, we kick off our series with an exclusive preview of the Afrika Film Festival Köln, featuring a  Screening & Discussion of five Festival Short Films.

Our aim is to elucidate the concept of asymmetrical dependency through the lens of captivating storytelling. By showcasing films that illuminate various facets of human oppression, we aim to engage a diverse audience in meaningful conversations. Attendees are encouraged to share their insights and reflections with cluster members and, when available, the filmmakers themselves.

Sneak Preview: Afrika Film Festival Köln

Screening & Discussion of five Festival Short Films, directed by film makers of African descent.
2 May 2024, starting at 20:00h.

We have exclusive access to five short films that will be screened at the Afrika Film Festival Köln in September this year. 

LIONS by Beru Tessema (2022)

OUSMANE  by Jorge Camarotti (2021)


FLOWERS by Dumas Haddad (2022)

SÈT LAM  by Vincent Fontano (2023)

Join us for our post-screening talk and get-together with BCDSS members:
Malik Ade, Mary Aderonke Afolabi-Adelou and Luvena Kopp (moderation)

Screening: 20:00 - Kino in der Brotfabrik
Followed by talks and drinks: 21:30 - Studio 5 (ground floor)

Location: Kino in der Brotfabrik, Kreuzstraße 16, 53225 Bonn

Please register by 2nd May, noon, via: registration@dependency.uni-bonn.de

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