Prof. Dr. Nigel Penn

Senior Fellow (Heinz-Heinen-Fellowship)

Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies
October 2023–January 2024

University of Cape Town, South Africa
Title of current research project: "Rough Treatment: Slavery and unfree labour in the Roggeveld, Cape Colony, South Africa, c. 1750–1900"
Nigel Penn
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Academic Profile

This project will look at the experiences and treatment of Khoisan and slave labour in the Roggeveld district of the northern Cape frontier zone in the 18th and 19th centuries. It will focus particularly on a combined slave and Khoisan revolt on a farm in that district, "Koornlands Kloof," in 1801, exploring how the race, class and gender oppressions combined to provoke a major anti-colonial uprising. This incident illustrates the inter-connectivity, and intersectionality,  of the lived experience of Khoisan and slaves in this time and place. The revolt will then be linked to a discussion of information provided by the skeletal remains of unethically exhumed farm labourers, buried in the latter part of the 19th century, on a neighbouring farm. The research will hopefully demonstrate that, in the 19th century, though Khoisan were not officially enslaved and slavery itself was abolished in the colony in 1834, Khoisan, slaves and ex-slaves were victims of an extremely oppressive labour regime which was, in turn, shaped by the harsh natural and economically exploitative environment of the Roggeveld.

since 2022      
Emeritus Professor

Professor, Department of Historical Studies, UCT

Associate Professor, Department of Historical Studies, UCT

Senior Lecturer, Department of History, UCT

Lecturer, Department of History, UCT

Temporary Lecturer, Department of History, UCT

Temporary Lecturer, Department of History, University of South Africa. (Was awarded a post as permanent Lecturer, but declined to accept because of strong commitment to post at UCT, even on temporary basis.)

Teaching Assistant, Department of History, UCT

Temporary Lecturer, Department of History, University of the Witwatersrand

Grassy Park Senior Secondary School, Cape Town. Teacher in History and English

Ph.D. in History, University of Cape Town. Thesis title "The Northern Cape Frontier Zone, 1700–c1815" 

B.A. (Hons) (Wits) 1st Class

Treverton College, Mooi River, Natal 1st Class Matriculation; Distinctions in English and History; Awards: Head Boy, Public Speaking, Rugby Player of the year, History Prize and English Prize


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  • As review editor for Ada (Architecture, Design and Art) magazine, I reviewed the following books: The Making of Contemporary Africa by Bill Freund; Finding the Centre by V.S Naipaul; Foe by J. M. Coetzee; The Arrowing of the Cane by John Connyngham; The Himba by M. Jacobsohn.


Other Publications

  • Wine columns for Style Magazine, 1997–1998.
  •  Series of 7 articles on Anglo-Boer War for Getaway Magazine, 1999.

1.     "The War That Made South Africa," May 1999: 52–58.

2.     "Gunfire On The Western Front," June, 1999: 84–90.

3.     "Two Cities Under Siege," July 1999: 70–76.

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5.     "The Guerrilla War," September 1999: 100–108.

6.     "Into The Cape," October 1999: 116–126.

7.     "The Aftermath," November 1999: 106–115.

  • Summer School Lectures     

1.     "18th Century Cape Town," 1986, UCT. 

2.     "Namaqualand, 1650–1800," 1991, UCT.

3.     "Robben Island, 1488–1805," 1992, UCT.

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