Nolwenn Guedeau

PhD Researcher

Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies
Research Associate in Research Area B – Embodied Dependencies and D – Labor and Spatiality
Adenauerallee 18-20
D-53113 Bonn
Research Unit Islamic Archaology
Brühler Strasse 7
53119 Bonn
Phone : +33 6 16 71 55 07

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Research Profile

My research focuses on the consumption and industry of tobacco in the Ottoman Empire from an archaeological perspective. I work on key objects and resources such as pipes and narghile as well as tobacco and hashish. As a member of Research Area B and D, I study the status of the different actors in this industry, starting with the farm workers, the processors, the wholesalers, the sellers and the consumers. This is a broad-scale study from Algeria to Kurdistan, from Bosnia to Saudi Arabia, between the 17th and 19th centuries. A major focus of this research is to highlight the integration and the dependency of local communities into Ottoman economic imperialism.

since 2020
PhD (bi-national) – Aix-Marseille University & Rheinische Friedrisch-Wilhems-Univerität Bonn, subject “Smoking in the Ottoman Empire, from Kurdistan to Algeria. Clay pipes: identity marker and instrument of sociability“, dir. Véronique François (LA3M, Aix-en- Provence) & Bethany Walker (Islamic Archaeology Unit, Bonn) – Member of Bonn international Graduate School – Oriental ans Asian Studies

University Diploma : Archives and Archives Works – Poitiers University, France

Master's Degree in Humanities (History, Civilisation, Heritage, specialisation ancient worlds)  – Poitiers University, 2018 thesis : “Les musiciennes des Empires perses“, (dir. Philippe Mainterot & Alexandre Vincent, Herma), 2019 thesis : “Étude préliminaire des pipes ottomanes de la région du Khabur-Est, l'exemple de Bassetki et Muqable“, (dir. Séverine Lemaître, Herma)    

Erasmus – Eberhard Karl Universität Tübingen, Germany – Philosophische Fakultät, Voderasiatische Archäologie

Bachelor' Degree in Humanities (Art History & Archaeologie) – Poitiers University, France

since 2021
Research Associate, Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies

Research Assistant – Muqable Project – Francfort University, Germany

Research Assistant – Qatna Project – Tübingen University, Germany

Research Assistant , Ceramic Specialist – Kugamid Project, Dohuk, Kurdistan, Iraq

Research Assistant, Trench Supervisor – Al-Khashbah, Ash Sharqiyah Region, Oman – dir. Conrad Schmidt (IANES Tübingen)

Research Assistant , Trench Supervisor – Muqable III, Bassetki A & C, Kurdistan, Iraq – dir. Peter Pfälzner & Ivana Pulijz (KUGAMID, IANES Tübingen)

Aide à la Mobilité Internationale (AMI), Institut Français du Proche-Orient (IFPO) Département des études arabes, médiévales et modernes, Beirut, Lebanon

  • 2021. “Destruction et trafic illicite des biens culturels en Irak : l'exemple de Khorsabad“, Patrimoine d'Orient, Online Publications,
  • 2021. « Ottoman « prestigious » smoking pipes from the Museum of Boulogne-sur-mer, France », Ceramics from Islamic Lands, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK
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