BCDSS Book Series "Dependency and Slavery Studies"

Our “Dependency and Slavery Studies” (DSS) Series is made up of monographs and edited volumes published by De Gruyter Publishing House. Based on BCDSS research projects and aimed at a wide professional readership, the books reflect the cluster's research methods and wide-ranging interests in history, regional studies and cultural science. Manuscripts submitted for publication in the book series undergo a double-blind peer review process. The editors of this book series are Jeannine Bischoff and Stephan Conermann.

Would you like to contribute to the “DSS”? Proposals can be submitted by anyone. Please ensure your contribution is clearly connected to the BCDSS’s concept of strong asymmetrical dependency. If you would like to submit a proposal please contact publications@dependency.uni-bonn.de

All volumes of our “Dependency and Slavery Studies” Series are free to download via Gold Open Access.

Witzenrath_the russian empire.jpg
© De Gruyter/Kol’cova, Tat’jana M[ichajlovna]: Reznye ikonostasy i derevjannaja skul’ptura Russkogo Severa/ catalogue of the exhibition. Archangel’sk – Moskva 1995, p. 49, cat. 17 [Farbabb.]

Christoph Witzenrath: The Russian Empire, Slaving and Liberation, 1480-1725. Trans-cultural worldviews in Eurasia

The monograph realigns political culture and countermeasures against slave raids, which increased during the breakup of the Golden Horde. By physical defense of the open steppe border and by embracing the New Israel symbolism in which the exodus from slavery in Egypt prefigures the exodus of Russian captives from Tatar captivity, Muscovites found a defensive model to expand empire. Recent scholarly debates on slaving are innovatively applied to Russian and imperial history, challenging entrenched perceptions of Muscovy.

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