BCDSS Discussion Papers

The "Discussion Papers" are dedicated to discussing the theoretical side of "strong asymmetrical dependency." They serve as impulses for researchers in and beyond the BCDSS who intend to work with the new key concept of strong asymmetrical dependency.

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Kristina Großmann, Marion Gymnich, James M. Harland, Julia Hillner, Claudia Jarzebowski, Caroline Laske, Eva Lehner, Royce Mahawatte, Danitza Márquez Ramírez, Lisa Phongsavath, Laurie Venters: Asymmetrical Dependencies and Intersectionality - Debates, Perspectives and Case Studies

Christoph Antweiler, Stephan Conermann, Julia Hillner, Claudia Jarzebowski, Eva Lehner, Rudolf Stichweh, Christian De Vito, Pia Wiegmink, Jutta Wimmler, Christoph Witzenrath: BCDSS Conversation 1 - On Comparison and the Use of Theory

Christoph Antweiler: On Dependence, Dependency, and a Dependency Turn - An Essay with Systematic Intent

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