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The list of our peer-reviewed Journal Articles features articles by BCDSS researchers and visiting scholars published in peer-reviewed journals. Committed to the principles of Open Access, we strive to provide free access to every article in the series via a PDF version. However, since only a few of the recent articles are openly accessible at this point, we offer at least a link to the abstracts and the journals.

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Contracts with publishers and dataybase providers entitle many research and higher education institutions to facilitate access to journal articles. You may want to try the library website of your research institution to see whether the journal in question is accessible to you electronically. If you are interested in a particular article that is not available here as PDF, you may also contact the author. They will usually be able to send you the full text, which may differ slightly from the published version.

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  • Afolabi, Mary A. 2024. "The Gift: How Objects of Prestige Shaped the Atlantic Slave Trade and Colonialism, by Ana Lucia Araujo." In Journal of Global Slavery 9(1–2): 259–261. Full article
  • Ansar, Anas. With Julian Maitra. 2024. "Digital Diaspora Activism at the Margins: Unfolding Rohingya Diaspora Interactions on Facebook (2017–2022)". In Social Media + Society. Full article
  • Ansar, Anas. With Uwe Hunger. 2024. "Remote Data Collection in Low-Resource Settings: Doing Research with the Rohingya Community in Bangladesh Refugee Camps." In Sage Research Methods: Doing Research Online. Full article
  • Kloß, Sinah T. 2024. "Serving toward Release: Tattoos, Religious Work, and Coercion in Post-Indenture Communities." In Journal of Global Slavery 9(1–2): 17–42. Full article
  • Köstlbauer, Josef. With Scott Paul Gordon. 2024. "Magdalena More's Complaint." In Journal of Moravian History 24(1): 56–79. Full article
  • Mader, Christian. With P. Godde, M. Behl, C. Binder, E. Hägele, J. Isla, F. Leceta, M. Lyons, E. Marsh, R. Odenthal, E. Fernengel, P. Stryjski, A.-K. Weber, M. Reindel, and J. Meister. 2024. "An Integrative Approach to Ancient Agricultural Terraces and Forms of Dependency: The Case of Cutamalla in the Prehispanic Andes." In Frontiers in Environmental Archaeology 3: 1328315. Full article
  • Márquez García, Ricardo. 2024. "Nkemvou, Nelo, and Tabula: Anticolonial Resistance to “Labor Recruitment” in the Early Twentieth-Century Cameroon Grassfields." In Journal of Global Slavery 9(1–2): 43–73. Full article
  • Schwermann, Christian. 2024. "'A State Is Powerful if Its People Are Being Put to [Good] Use': The Invention of Human Resource Management in Ancient China." In Journal of Global Slavery 9(1–2): 166–198. Full article
  • Smith, David B. 2024. "'An Open Wound in the Body…' A 'Dependency Turn' in Ecumenical Discourse on Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery." In The Ecumenical Review 75(5). Full article
  • Smolarz, Elena. 2024. "Between Liberation and Recoercion: Release and Repatriation of Russian Enslaved Subjects in the Eurasian Border Regions in the Early Nineteenth Century." In Journal of Global Slavery 9(1–2): 74–103. Full article
  • Wiegmink, Pia, and Jutta Wimmler. 2024. "Beyond Slavery and Freedom? An Introduction." In Journal of Global Slavery 9(1–2): 1–16. Full article
  • Wimmler, Jutta. 2024. "Feudalism on the Loango Coast? Louis de Grandpré’s 1801 Account of 'Slavery' in Africa." In Journal of Global Slavery 9(1–2): 104–128. Full article
  • Winnebeck, Julia. 2024. "Moving Late Antique and Early Medieval Penance (c. 550–800) into the Purview of Slavery and Dependency Studies." In Journal of Global Slavery 9(1–2): 129–165. Full article


  • Ansar, Anas. With A. F. M. Khaled. 2023. "In search of a Rohingya digital diaspora: virtual togetherness, collective identities and political mobilisation." In Humanit Soc Sci Commun 10(61). Full article
  • Chowdhury, Ankit. 2023. "Breaking the Silence: Un-covering the voices of Indian Indentured Laboures in Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana." In Journal of People's History and Culture 9(1): 121–130. Full article
  • Großmann, Kristina. 2023. "Conflicting Notions of Land in Indonesia." In Society & Natural Resources.
  • Köstlbauer, Josef. 2023. "A 'Moors’ Lovefeast' and Masked Enslavement in the Eighteenth-Century Moravian Church." In Journal of Global Slavery 8(2–3): 178–206. Full article
  • Köstlbauer, Josef. 2023. With Scott Paul Gordon. "Spangenberg’s 1760 Letter about Slaveholding in St. Thomas and Bethlehem." In Journal of Moravian History 23(2): 143–156. Full article
  • Köstlbauer, Josef. 2023. "Subjugation by Labelling: Analysing the Semantics of Subservience in a Fugitive Slave Case from Eighteenth-Century Germany." In Österreichische Zeitschrift für Geschichtsforschung (ÖZG) 34(2): 49–173. Special Issue Work Sematics/Semantiken der Arbeit, edited by Juliane Schiel and Claude Chevalreye Full article
  • Mader, Christian. With D. Beresford-Jones, K. Lane, L. Cadwallader, B. Gräfingholt, G. Chauca, . . . and M. Reindel. 2023. "Beyond Inca roads: Archaeological mobilities from the high Andes to the Pacific in southern Peru." In Antiquity 97(391): 194–212. Full article
  • Mader, Christian, "In the land of the apu: Cerro Llamocca as a sacred mountain and central place in the pre-Columbian Andes of southern Peru." In Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 49: 104045. Full article
  • Müller, Viola Franziska. 2023. "How some enslaved Black people stayed in Southern slaveholding states – and found freedom." In The Conversation, Academic rigour, journalistic flairFull article
  • Winnebeck, Julia. With O. Sutter, A. Hermann, C. Antweiler, and S. Conermann. 2023. "The Analytical Concept of Asymmetrical Dependency." In Journal of Global Slavery 8(1): 1–59. Full article


  • Ansar, Anas. 2022. "The pandemic has added to my miseries: Bangladeshi migrant workers’ social protection revisited." In Asian Journal of Comparative Politics, 0(0). Full article
  • Ansar, Anas. 2022. "Claiming Space and Contesting Gendered Refugeehood in Exile: Issues and Factors of Rohingya Refugee Women’s Civic Engagement in Diaspora." In International Quarterly for Asian Studies. Full article
  • Ansar, Anas. 2022. "Bangladeshi women migrants amidst the COVID-19 pandemic: Revisiting globalization, dependency and gendered precarity in South–South labour migration." In Global network, a journal of transnationalaffairs. Full article
  • Bartash, Vitali. 2022. "Gudea’s Iranian Slaves: An Anatomy of Transregional Forced Mobility." In IRAQ 84: 25–42. Full article
  • Kloß, Sinah T. 2022. "Embodying Dependency: Caribbean Godna (Tattoos) as Female Subordination and Resistance." In The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology 27(4): 601–612. Full article
  • Kopp, Luvena. 2022. "Black Lives Matter – eine Bestandsaufnahme." In bpb. Full article
  • Leetsch, Jennifer. 2022. "Mary Seacole’s Plant Matter(s): Vegetal Entanglements of the Black Atlantic in Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands." In European Journal of English Studies 26(1): 42–65. Full article
  • Tagliati, Tayna. 2021. "Colaboración y Descolonización en los Museos. Reflexiones a Partir de Tres Experiencias Indígenas Amazónicas." In Notas de Antropología de las Américas 1: 5–24. Full article
  • Venters, Laurie. 2022. "Lightening bonds: servile resistance in early imperial China." In The Historian 84(2): 262–289. Full article
  • Venters, Laurie, and Alexander Rothenberg. 2022. "Trammelled stars: the non-autonomy of female K-pop idols." In Celebrity Studies: 1–17. Full article
  • Zeuske, Michael. 2022. "Die 'weiße Sklaverei' hat viele Gesichter." In Magazin G/Geschichte.


  • Ansar, Anas. 2021. "From solidarity to resistance: host communities’ evolving response to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh." In Journal of International Humanitarian Action 6(16). Full article
  • Bentz, Martin. With Alessandra Coen, Fernando Gilotta, and Marina Micozzi. 2021. "New Excavations at the Monte Abatone Necropolis, Cerveteri." In Etruscan News 23: 14–15.
  • Cruz Terra, Paulo. 2021. "Racism, Labor and Idleness in the Abolition Process: Brazil and the Portuguese Empire in a Global Perspective (1870–1888)." In Revista Brasileira de História 41(88):  Full articleEnglish version
  • Grube, Nikolai. With Erin Sears, Alejandro Garay, Brent Woodfill, and Alexander Rivas. 2021. "A Story of Awe and Clay: Mold-Made Hieroglyphs from Alta Verapaz, Guatemala." In Ancient Mesoamerica 25(1): 1–15.
  • Hegewald, Julia.  2021. "Dependency on Building Resources and Expertise in the Himalayas." In Dependent. The Magazine of the Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies 21(1): 12–13.
  • Hegewald, Julia. With Ralf Krumeich. 2021. "Spuren von Gottheiten, Heroen und Erleuchteten: Zu Bedeutung und Vielfalt artifizieller Fußspuren im antiken Mittelmeerraum und in Indien." In Antike Welt 1(21): 39–48.
  • Köstlbauer, Josef. 2021. "Claiming a Runaway Slave in the Holy Roman Empire: The Case of Samuel Johannes (1754)". In WORCK Worlds of Related Coercions in Work.
  • Leetsch, Jennifer. 2021. "Playing with Saris: Material and Affective Unfoldings in Shailja Patel’s Migritude." In Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies 23(5): 691–711.
  • Márquez García, Ricardo. 2021. "Johny Baleng (c. 1890–1964): A Colonial Broker from the Cameroon Grassfields." In Cultural Dynamics. Full article
  • Schmieder, Ulrike. 2021. "Lugares de memoria, lugares de silencio: la esclavitud atlántica en museos españoles y cubanos desde una perspectiva comparada internacional." In Jangwa Pana, Journal of the Universidad de Magdalena, Colombia 20(1): 52–80.  Full article
  • Stichweh, Rudolf. 2021. "How Do Divided Societies Come About? Persistent Inequalities, Pervasive Asymmetrical Dependencies, and Sociocultural Polarization as Divisive Forces in Contemporary Society." In Global Perspectives 2(1). Full article
  • Wimmler, Jutta. 2021. "Witchcraft, Murder and Adultery: 'Slavery as Punishment' in European Writings about Atlantic Africa around 1800." In Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory Research Paper Series 2021–15. Full article
  • Winnebeck, Julia. 2021. "Slaves and Slavery in the Late Antique and Early Medieval Penitentials." In Vigiliae Christianae 75(2): 130–154.


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