PhD Forum

The PhD Forum is an informal interdisciplinary working group in which PhD Researchers at the BCDSS and (upon invitation) partner institutions reflect together on diverse themes, theories, and methods from the perspective of asymmetrical dependency studies and in light of their individual research projects. 

The group was established by BCDSS doctoral researchers and its first meeting was held in April 2023. Meetings of the PhD Forum are conducted in a hybrid format (in-person and via Zoom) and on an ad hoc basis. Dates and discussion topics are decided collectively while logistics are organized by the PhD Forum Coordination Team in advance of each meeting.

"Workshops" or "seminars" for which PhD researchers can gain academic credit are often planned in response to a desire within the forum to develop greater knowledge or skills regarding a specific theme. 

If you have questions about the BCDSS PhD Forum, please contact Joseph Biggerstaff. BCDSS PhD Researchers are encouraged to suggest topics for discussion via email at any time.  

PhD Forum and Brunch © BCDSS

Current members of the PhD Forum Coordination Team

© David B. Smith
© David B. Smith

Past PhD Forum Meetings

19 October 2023: "Forum on Network Analysis & Asymmetrical Dependency Research"

26 April 2023: "Forum on 'The Analytical Concept of Asymmetrical Dependency' by Winnebeck et al. (2023)"


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