The Iconography of Dependency, Social Inequality and 'Otherness'

In the past, most iconographical studies on slavery and similar phenomena focused on specific regions, cultures and periods. The aim of this conference is to look at a broad range of dependent and marginalized social groups and ‘others’ and to compare the results of iconographical studies on different pre-modern societies (prior to 1800 CE) around the globe. Therefore, we invited scholars from a wide variety of disciplines (Near Eastern Archaeology, Egyptology, Classical Archaeology, European Art History, Asian Art History, Anthropology of the Americas) in order to gain new insights by using diachronic and cross-cultural comparisons.
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Thursday, 20.06.24
Thursday, 11.07.24 - 09:30 AM – Saturday, 13.07.24 - 12:30 PM
The Iconography of Dependency, Social Inequality and 'Otherness' in Pre-Modern Visual Art: A Cross-Cultural Approach
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Bonner Universitätsforum, Heussallee 18-24, 53113 Bonn
Martin Bentz & Patrick Zeidler (BCDSS)
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