Mental Health & Wellbeing

Whether it be work or university-related, general or personal struggles, your mental wellbeing matters. At the BCDSS, we want to ensure that all members have access to a variety of mental health and well-being resources to seek help. Below, you can find information on who you can reach out to.

Mental Health

Getting Psychotherapy Support in Bonn

Finding a therapist in your area
If you are looking for a therapist, these platforms allow you to search therapists based on location, language, treatment method, and your psychological needs:

If the website is only offered in English, you can open the link in Chrome, which has the option to translate the page. In case you have non-German health insurance, please make sure it covers psychotherapeutic services.


Talking to your General Practitioner
Your general practioner can issue you a sick note from work due to mental/psychological distress. Your diagnosis remains confidential and will not be mentioned in the sick note addressed to your employer. You can also talk to your general practitioner for referrals to therapists.


Patient service of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians North Rhine (German only)
The medical on-call service (24/7) is helpful when you need medical help today but doctor's practices are closed. The service will help you find an on-call practice.

Phone: 116117

BCDSS Contact

If you would like to speak to someone from the BCDSS, you can contact Laura Hartmann who can provide confidential guidance on counselling offers etc.: 

"As a certified (by the the Central Institute for Mental Health Mannheim) 'Mental Health First Aider,' I can suggest appropriate professional help and explain additional support strategies."

Avatar Hartmann

Laura Hartmann


Niebuhrstraße 5

53113 Bonn

Emergency Clinics

LVR Clinic Bonn
In case of a psychiatric emergency, please call the LVR Clinic which will refer you to the doctor on duty.

Kaiser-Karl-Ring 20 | 53111 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 551-1

UKB Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Psychiatric emergencies: Emergency center
Phone: + 49 228 287-12000

University contacts

AStA (Center of the General Students’ Committee): The AStA offers psychosocial counseling. It is organized by students for students.

University of Bonn Counseling: The Central Study Advisory and Counseling Service offers psychological support to students and doctoral candidates at the University of Bonn who are facing mental health issues that can get in the way of their degree program or doctorate.

More resources

You can find all offers on counseling services and institutions available in Bonn in the Psychosocial Counseling flyer of the University of Bonn.


In-House Massage

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We offer in-house massage appointments (self-payed) for our employees on a regular basis. Our employees are informed about new appointments via email.

Contact for BCDSS employees:
Wencke Uhl (

More information: University of Bonn Mobile Massage

In-House Yoga

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We offer regular in-house yoga sessions (self-payed) for our employees. All interested employees will be kept up-to-date on the current times and dates via email.

Contact for BCDSS employees:
Wencke Uhl (

Additional Uni Bonn Offers

Uni Bonn
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