As part of our quality management, we regularly evaluate the courses of our MA programs "Dependency and Slavery Studies" and "Slavery Studies" since the winter term 2020/21 respectively the winter term 2021/22. Since the summer term 2021 these evaluations are held in cooperation with the ZEM (Zentrum für Evaluation und Methoden). The procedure is based on the evaluation regulations of the University of Bonn (EvaLS). 

The course evaluations as well as the evaluation of general data concerning studies (Studienverlaufsdaten) help to analyze, ensure and improve the quality of teaching and studying. On the one hand, the results are used to give feedback to the teachers and as a basis for a discussion between students and teachers about the requirements/a common understanding of good teaching, on the other hand they provide the basis for ensuring and improving the quality of both programs. 

The Evaluation Project Group (EPG) oversees evaluation at the BCDSS. It improves the evaluation forms, compares results and discusses possible measures to improve the conditions of studying and teaching. Furthermore, the EPG encourages the dialogue about the quality of teaching and studying, not only with and between teachers and students, but also the BCDSS members.

The evaluation project group (EPG) at the BCDSS currently consists of the following members: 


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Sarah Dusend

Head of Research and Study & Deputy Managing Director


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53113 Bonn

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