28. April 2022

Application period for Master's Programs about to start Application period for Master's Programs about to start

Apply for International Master's degree in "Dependency and Slavery Studies" or "Slavery Studies"

For both, the one-year and the two-year programs, we accept applications between 9-31 May 2022 for national and international applicants and between 22-29 August 2022 for national applicants only.

The one-year Master's program in "Slavery Studies" is offered to students who have completed a four-year BA program (240 ECTS points). The two-year Master's program in "Dependency and Slavery Studies" is open to those who hold a three-year bachelor degree (180 ECTS points). 

MA Programs
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Based on the new research concept of "strong asymmetric dependency," our Master's programs open up new approaches to the study and research of slavery and other forms of strong asymmetrical dependency from an interdisciplinary perspective. By studying profound social dependency relations such as slavery, serfdom, debt bondage, and other forms of dependency across eras, regions, and cultures, the focus is not on the modern world but on its diverse antecedents in Asian, American, African, and European societies. Hence our Master's programs provide a more nuanced view of strong asymmetrical dependency relations, breaking away from the "slavery versus freedom" dichotomy.

Both Master's degrees will provide students with new insights into area studies and historically and philologically oriented subjects. They will offer access to newly developed and empirically proven analytical tools for the investigation of complex dependency problems and resulting options for actors. 

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