12. April 2022

Guest Lecture by Sruti Bala Guest Lecture by Sruti Bala

On 28 April 2022, at 10-11.30 am (sharp), Sruti Bala (Associate Professor at the Dept. of Theatre Studies and the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam) will hold the guest lecture “The Entanglements of Theatre and Colonialism”.

Venue: In person at Heussallee 18–24 (BCDSS meeting room, ground floor) and Online via Zoom.

To register and for the Zoom link, please contact Jenny Leetsch (jleetsch@uni-bonn.de) or Pia Wiegmink (wiegmink@uni-bonn.de)

Sruti Bala
Sruti Bala © Christiaan Krop
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Abstract: In this talk Sruti Bala will reflect on different ways in which theatre is entangled with colonial and postcolonial histories. Dealing with colonialism and its aftermaths is not only a matter of material reparations or setting historical records straight but also a complex process of collective cultural introspection and imaginative acts, intimately tied to the present. The arts play a significant role in this process, influencing the narratives, images, vocabularies and attitudes with which a society comprehends its colonial pasts and grapples with its post-colonial conditions. At the same time, the arts in general, and theater more specifically, have also served as ideological stages for the mobilization and legitimization of territorial conquest and civilizational missions.

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