15. November 2023

Book Review by Anas Ansar Book Review by Anas Ansar

BCDSS PhD Researcher Anas Ansar has recently written a review of the book "Waves of Upheaval in Myanmar: Gendered Transformations and Political Transitions" by Jenny Hedström and Elisabeth Olivius. It has been published by the International Quarterly of Asian Studies (IQAS) Autumn issue. 

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The articles of this edited volume explore topics of gender and conflict in Myanmar and are the first detailed discussion of the multifaceted processes of gendered transformation in the Southeast Asian country between 2011 and 2021. This book is thus crucial to understanding current events and the ways in which Myanmar's political landscape may continue to be reshaped.

You can read the review here

For the edited volume by Hedström and Olivius, see here

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