12. April 2023

Dr. Sinah Kloß new President / Head of SOCARE committee Dr. Sinah Kloß new President/Head of SOCARE committee

She is heading the Society for Caribbean Research for a two-year period

The Society of Caribbean Research (Socare) was founded in 1988 by a group of university teachers interested in the Caribbean. Its main purpose was to bring into contact all those who worked or were interested in the area of the Caribbean, but who were scattered in different institutions and disciplines.

Though the Society was founded in Germany, it was never meant to be a “national“ institution. Since its foundation international membership has steadily increased; its conferences – eighteen so far – have taken place in Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium and Jamaica. The proceedings of all congresses have been published in a number of volumes.

Their aim is to bring together research on the Greater Caribbean in a global, hemispheric and local perspective, including diaspora communities in- and outside the Caribbean, in- and outside the well-known centers.

Find out more about the Society for Caribbean Research: SOCARE

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