08. May 2023

Euthenia Fellowship Program Euthenia Fellowship Program

We are proud to announce a new fellowship program at the BCDSS.

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In 2021, the BCDSS was given the Library of Ancient Slavery of the former Mainz Academy project Forschungen zur antiken Sklaverei  ('Research on Ancient Slavery') as a loan. Over the course of three decades (until 2012), the Library accumulated some 16,600 media units. In addition to classic books or monographs (3,500), there are also numerous printouts or photocopies of encyclopaedia entries, papers and articles (12,250), as well as some microfilms and a large stock of PDF files (3,100). It is one of the world’s largest collections on ancient slavery, including texts not only in the European scholarly languages, but also from the Slavic, Nordic and Finno-Ugric language families, as well as titles in Hebrew, Turkish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

To give international scholars access to this library in a vibrant and interdisciplinary research environment, the BCDSS set up the 'Euthenia Fellowship Program'.

In 1958, a Roman gravestone was unearthed in Bonn which marked the tomb of Euthenia, an enslaved woman. According to her epitaph, Euthenia died when she was 35 years old, probably in the second half of the first century CE, soon after the construction of the first legionary fortress in Roman Bonna. Euthenia was among the first inhabitants of the civilian settlements that sprang up near the military area, the vicus and the canabae legionis. 

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Euthenia Stone, Rheinische Landesmuseum
Euthenia Stone, Rheinische Landesmuseum © Julia Hillner
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