10. May 2023

Now released: Volumes 5 & 6 Now released: Volumes 5 & 6 of the BCDSS book series "Dependency and Slavery Studies"

of the BCDSS book series "Dependency and Slavery Studies"

We are pleased to announce the publication of two more volumes in our book series.


Volume 5: Embodied Dependencies and Freedoms: Artistic Communities and Patronage in Asia

This volume, edited by Prof. Dr. Julia A. B. Hegewald, discusses the interconnectivity of dependencies and creativity in the field of Asian art and architecture, challenging the idea that the arts are completely free from reliance. The 13 chapters written by experts in the field illustrate how material artefacts and structures are dependent on factors such as climate, resources, social and religious traditions, and donors, with gender and labor also playing a role. Despite these dependencies, artists have been able to express their own imagination and originality, highlighting the complex and multifaceted nature of the relationship between dependencies and freedoms. 

Download Volume 5 via Open Access


Volume 6: The Position of Roman Slaves: Social Realities and Legal Differences

Edited by Prof. Dr. Martin Schermaier, this volume explores the diversity of Roman slavery, challenging the assumption that all slaves were objects without rights and arguing that Roman slavery was more complex than this stereotype. In their articles, the authors discuss how legal texts reflected social differences within the servile community and whether the legal system reinforced social differentiation or generated privileges for specific groups of slaves. In doing so, they aim to challenge the homogeneous image of Roman slave law and demonstrate that it was more colorful than previously assumed. Moreover, the authors hope to make this legal diversity accessible to historical scholarship.

Download Volume 6 via Open Access

Would you like to contribute to the "DSS" book series? Proposals can be submitted by anyone. Please ensure your contribution is clearly connected to the BCDSS’s concept of strong asymmetrical dependency. If you would like to submit a proposal, please contact publications@dependency.uni-bonn.de.


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